SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has urged the president of the state’s Fish and Game Commission to resign in a flap over the killing of a mountain lion.

Commission president Daniel Richards shot the cougar during an Idaho hunting expedition and a photograph of him grinning and lifting the bloody carcass has been circulating on the Internet.

>>Letter From Richards On Mountain Lion Hunting (.pdf)

Conservationists and animal lovers are outraged.

Newsom on Monday joined 40 Democratic Assembly members calling for the Republican official to resign.

While legal in Idaho, hunting mountain lions has been illegal in California since voters approved Prop 117 in 1990.

The lieutenant governor wrote to Richards, saying the killing of a cougar doesn’t reflect California values and the incident is a distraction that interferes with commission issues.

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Comments (110)
  1. Jman says:

    This article is missing one important item: Is hunting mountain lions legal or illegal in Idaho?

    1. carloscbs5 says:

      You are correct and thank you for the heads up. The article has been updated. – Ed.

    2. cooldude says:

      “While legal in Idaho, hunting mountain lions has been illegal in California since voters approved Prop 117 in 1990.”

      1. C says:

        And now you are seeing mountain lions moving into the cities because there are so many of them in CA.

    3. Stephen Williams says:

      It’s LEGAL in Idaho.

    4. D Brumfield says:

      The hunting of Mountain Lions is legal in Idaho Montana , you know the right thinking states

    5. Mike says:

      While legal in Idaho, hunting mountain lions has been illegal in California since voters approved Prop 117 in 1990.

  2. Joe Klein says:

    This is typical Ca BS. Hunting mtn lions is not only legal but sometimes necessary. The Ca notion that they are somehow sacred creatures is goofy and one of the many things that drove me out of Ca to a saner place.

    1. Ringtail says:

      Glad you left CA. Good riddance.

    2. Matthew says:

      Joe Klein: If you already left California, than why are you worried about what’s going on here ? Tell you what: you worry about your own state – and let us worry about California.

      1. C says:

        And why are you worried about what happened Idaho?

    3. joe says:

      hey klein glad you left ca it just of may of saved your life moron

    4. elizabeth wagner says:

      glad your gone and please stay gone this is so not cool i think richards should resign if he has that much fun killing mountain lions he well shot them here and then say I was doing my job. how well we the people of ca. know the truth about that. and i think he should move out of cal. too.

    5. D Brumfield says:

      California is being run into the ground by a bunch of libs. I can’t wait till it crashes and burns

  3. Jasper Guy says:

    Give me a break, the very person who’s sole responsibilty is to PROTECT our resources exploits a wild animal.Question is what happened to the animal after the photo shoot?Time for Mr. Richards to consider being more responsible for
    the office and the officers that he represents.SAD…

    1. jclark927 says:

      Jasper: This is the mission of the DFG copied from their website:

      “The Mission of the Department of Fish and Game is to manage California’s diverse fish, wildlife, and plant resources, and the habitats upon which they depend, for their ecological values and for their use and enjoyment by the public.”

      CA human population has gone from 1.5 million to 38 million since 1900. Science based, active management, including hunting to reduce and balance animal populations, is the only approach proven to work. That is “caring” for wild places and things.

    2. mk65 says:

      Yes , he should be working towards managing our wildlife by biology, not politics and unfounded emotions. Great cat by the way.

      1. Jasper Guy says:


        Your missing the point, this guy pays a bunch of money to tree a cat then shots it, how’s this a sport? He coudn’t bring bac to California so where’s it at and more importantly it’s not about hunting.

    3. AZLady says:

      He ate him! just sick!!!!

  4. Ken Boettcher says:

    Looks like you had a great hunt, in the snow is even better. I wish I knew more about how you bagged that cat. He looks like a big one. The folks in California slobbering all over themselves to force thier idea of political correctness on the rest of us have no credibility. Don’t give it a thought. I wonder if they have any idea how many lions are killed in California each year both legally with depredation permits and illegally by folks that don’t bother with a permit.
    That number is very high as the population of mountain lions has been steadily increasing as are the deer herds in the component of the predator-prey relatiionship. Good job!

  5. Jake says:

    Sit down Gavin, and do your own job. Commish did nothing illegal, stop catering to the enviromental extremists who have no common sense, or understanding od wildlife mamgement. Why do you think we have cougars in our backyards here in the bay area? No population control measures in place with human intrusion on their teritory.

    1. Matthew says:

      Newsom is doing his job. Calling this turkey out for who he is is a part of his job.

      1. roger says:

        Matt, you have it backwards Newson is the turkey for trying to make this an issue which it isn’t.

  6. Sean says:

    There is a BIG difference between hunters and Trophy hunters. The latter get’s no respect in my book.

    1. heriloom apple says:

      Sean, is on target….I think that’s my problem with this…although I see Newsome as “trophy hunting” right now also….He has his eye on the prize (presidency) and it’s hard to get press as a Lt. Gov. Yep, if this guy went out to hunt Elk where it was legal and had a grinning picture, I wouldn’t care….because you know it would go in someone’s freezer.

  7. jclark927 says:

    This article propagates one of the more recent insults to the intelligence among those focused on natural resources: There are NO conservationists outraged at the notion of a hunter legally killing an animal and smiling in the ensuing photo. Conservationists/hunters/animal welfare groups have always been on the “wise use and management” of natural resources under credible science side of issues. Environmentalists/preservationists/animal rights groups have been on the “non-use, non-management” side of issues. The post-70’s (they did good things for a while in 70’s and prior) environmental/preservation side has lost credibility as the passage time repeatedly disproved their positions (and caught them with their hand in the cookie jar of bought science). Over the last few years, they have dealt with their credibility problem like the clever marketeers they are: started calling themselves conservationist. Conservationists see an issue and ask, “how can we help solve this?” Environmentalists, and politicians, see an issue and ask, “how can we use this?”

    All of that said this call for resignation is not about a 1990 initiative that narrowly passed in a primary with 40% voter turnout. It is about new-era fascists abuse of power to suppress opposing views — and likely to trade our natural resources to special interests. Register unaffiliated — break the one-party system in CA.

  8. Sean says:

    He paid almost $7000 to hunt this Cat on a ranch with dogs as well- quite a “Sportsman”. I also read he was a Fly Fisherman, I’d hate to see what he’s like on the river.

    1. Fred says:

      He probably uses a bazooka!

  9. greg says:

    CA values??? only pseudo-intellectuals could describe a non-human entity as haveing values. These Left leaning (rooted) liberals should be more accurately described as Controlists as this Gavin led position demonstrates. Engaging in a perfectly legal activity (hunting) is no basis for resignation unless, of course, one who does not value hunting wants to try and use it as a way of eliminating someone who does value it. The Controlist position is to impose their selected values on everyone. As deaths/maulings from lions increase in CA perhaps a well regulated hunting option should be reconsidered in the near future.

    1. Matthew says:

      greg: you say “The Controlist position is to impose their selected values on everyone”.

      Isn’t that what The Political Right does all the time ?? Like — Prop 8, Prop 209, Prop 187, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, prayers at town meetings, and so on.

      People in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.
      Sincerely, One Proud Liberal

  10. D says:

    for Pity Sakes people, he was legally hunting in Idaho, when he got the cougar.. He wasn’t in CA where he works….. who are we to tell him what to do on his off time! grow up

    1. Matthew says:

      D: Wrong !!

      If you are a public official in any capacity – what you do on your personal time reflects on the office you are holding. This guy needs to go.

      1. C says:

        He didn’t do it in CA. He didnt brake any laws I think he did it the right way. It wasn’t just a trophy hunt. He and others ate the meeat

      2. D Brumfield says:

        He did not break any laws and if he wants to hunt out of state for mountain lion or any other big game animal, thats his right to do so. Who the f are you to tell any one what to do. This is a free country so you do your thing and we will do ours

  11. Ringtail says:

    It’s a pity the cougar didn’t get him FIRST.

    1. LOL says:

      It’s too bad it did not get you 1st.

      1. Matthew says:

        LOL: Maybe we ought to hunt you, and see how you like it..

    2. A democrat. says:

      that cat could easily take livestock. It was huge. It was legal. He was on vacation. They ate the meat. Big deal.

  12. C says:

    What does legal hunting in Idaho have do do with his job in Ca? Give the guy a brake. I can’t suction dredge in CA because of CA laws right now but can in Oregon. Does that make me a bad person if I go to Oregon and look for gold?

    1. Matthew says:

      What you do in Oregon is their concern… What you do in California is ours..

      1. Eric says:

        Then, by your own so-called logic, what he did in IDAHO is none of YOUR concern, is it?


      2. C says:

        So why the concern for what he did legally in Idaho? He didn’t do it in CA.

    2. elizabeth wagner says:

      gold is not a living thing. mountain lions are alive big diffrents and stay in oragon if you don’t like ca. laws

  13. Matthew says:

    a: Go back to Rush Limbaugh — this is a blue state remember ?

    1. roger says:

      We are working on bringing sanity back to this state. Blue state values has this state red with debt.

  14. Matthew says:

    This guy needs to resign. If he doesn’t, he should be fired.

    1. C says:

      Why? He did nothing wrong of Illegal. It wasn’t even a trophy hunt He and others ate the meat from the cat.

      1. lmao says:

        He and others ate the meat from the cat…. yeah, sure.

      2. RT says:

        I’ve heard and read that mountain lion tastes good. In his book, River Horse, William Least Heat-Moon mentions eating it and liking it.

  15. OMEGATALON says:

    Gavin Newsom should consider resigning because Daniel Richards didn’t do anything that is illegal and Shakespeare said it best in Macbeth, “it’s sound and fury signifying nothing as a tale told by an idiot.” Gavin Newsom recently said his job had no responsibilities and should be eliminated; thus, we should allow Mr Newsom to have his wish and let him resign now.

  16. CJ says:

    The San Jose cops can tree a Mountain Lion and shot it dead but this guy cant go out of state and do it without someone crying about it. Sounds like a double standard to me. And for anyone who is about to say the one the cops shot in SJ was a threat to the people in the area I say bull, it was not going anywhere with the dogs they had waiting around under it they could have waited for fish and game to show up and do thier job.

  17. Common Sense says:

    Hunting mountain lions in Idaho by anyone, resident or nonresident, is legal as long as you have the appropriate license and permit. Do individuals who work for the Fish and Game Commission have fewer rights than other individuals? Let’s not get to the point where we start pre qualifing individuals upon their application to hunt.COMMISSIONER RICHARDS HAD EVERY RIGHT TO HUNT ANYWHERE, AS LONG AS IT IS LEGAL. Thank you, Dana King, for your common sense comment at the end of the 6:00 pm newscast.

  18. ptown says:

    Nice to see our elected officials are finally doing some serious work.

  19. Terri says:

    Funny, he thinks he’s the big man! Let him find a new job, cleaning cages.

  20. David says:

    Pure hypocrisy. Of all those politicians who asked for Richards’ to step down, how many of them will tender their own resignation if they ever went gambling in Reno or Las Vegas? Idaho choses to manage its wildlife differently than California and Richards also owns a cabin in Idaho where he spends a fair amount of time fishing and hunting LEGALLY, according to Idaho Fish and Game rules. It is absurd to try to condemn Richards for participating in a 100% legal activity in another state just because California has a different set of rules.

  21. Marilyn says:

    Do you have any idea how many mountain lions have been killed by the DFG in El Dorado County this past year?- they have been killing livestock
    Gavin and CBS do your homework- its at least 5

    1. D Brumfield says:

      How about the mountain lion in Redwood City in 2011 that had to be killed by a DFG Officer for being in the back yard of residence. As we keep building homes in the area the habitat keeps getting smaller for the lions. What will it take for these tree huggers to see that the mountain lions are incressing in population and becomming more of a danger to the public. I guess when one of the tree huggers gets eaten by a lion then they will do something about the problem.

      1. elizabeth wagner says:

        if you live in the lions back yard you should take some precaustions and be looking for them and don’t mess with them if you get to see a wild lion alive your lucky and yes i live in there back yard

  22. BB (California Bay Area) says:

    Fire Daniel Richards’ butt. We don’t need no grinnin’ cat killers on California’s Fish and Game Commission. If he likes hugging bloody cats so much, we don’t want to pay his salary. Out! Get him out!

    1. elizabeth wagner says:

      he wanted the plublicty and he enjoyed the killing of the mountain lion. thats the problem he enjoys the blood and the killing. if he has a cabin in idaho he should stay there

    2. AZLady says:

      No kidding, Get rid of him!!!

  23. Bonnie says:

    This murderer didn’t even catch the cat, his dog did and then he shot it! I think hunting is disgusting anyway, but to leave the the California and pay to “hunt” larger endangered species in other areas and pose with them once they’re dead like trophies is just sick! Celebrating their death is just a horrible thing in general, and the fact that he takes pleasure in causing that is revolting!!!

    1. C says:

      Nothing wrong with going out and getting your own meat to put on the table. In fact It’s better then going to the store and buying meet from the slaughter house that someone else had to kill for you so you don’t get your hands dirty

    2. Stephen Williams says:

      Murderer? Little strong language there. Hunting is disgusting? Sure, I suppose you’re a vegan with “California Values”.

    3. Sam says:

      Oh my Lord, get over yourself! A murderer? Someone who legally hunts and eats the meat of the animal that was harvested? Do you eat chicken or pork or beef?? How do you think that meat gets to your table, the cows commit suicide? Even the high ‘n mighty vegans are responsible for more ‘deaths’ than us carnivores, ever read this article about “The Myth of the Ethical Vegan”:

      Our neighboring state of Nevada allows the hunting of swans (which btw are very tasty!) and California Fish and Game regulations do not allow the hunting of swans. So if somebody goes to Nevada to legally hunt swans, does that make them a ‘murderer’ and unfit to hold office in California? Fish and Game vary from state to state and every one of them makes decisions about hunting that are appropriate for their particular state.

      For thousands of thousands of year, mankind had to hunt to put meat on the table. A few wealthier ones had domesticated animals, but those have to also be slaughtered in order to put meat on the table. These days, we are getting more and more ‘removed’ from the process of putting food on the table and whether you are a meat eater or a vegeterian, animals must die so you can live. Welcome to the top of the food chain!

  24. bigdipper_94112 says:

    The LT Gov has no room to talk. He should have resigned when he took another man’s wifeto bed. No morales…

  25. Stephen Williams says:

    “California Values”??? By any twosome Newsome, I almost vomited into my cornflakes. If this guy hunted legally in another state, so what? I’m fed up with the State of Commiefornia and all of its garbage.

  26. Sammy says:

    The man is an fool and a coward. Murderer.

    1. Wuluf says:

      No, he’s a hunter and a trophy taker and legally enjoying a sport. He’s not a murderer because he killed an animal, not a person. See the difference? He might be a coward, I don’t know, but if you believe what you posted then you’re the fool…

  27. X says:

    Nice shot Mr. Richards now call Gavin Newsome and tell him to get back in the closet , because he doesn’t hunt anyway.

  28. Don says:

    Although I find hunting and shooting a mountain lion in general stupid, if what he did was legal and above board, I respect his right to hunt said animal. Should he resign? I don’t think he should. He broke no laws. Should he be removed from his job? If the consensus by those in power to make said decision is yes then terminate him…

    1. Eric says:

      I would politely suggest doing a little homework on Idaho’s elk herd and the measures their Fish and Game Department had to take with respect to wolves and mountain lions. They had a stated goal of reducing the wolf populaton by several hundred and when the hunting tags didn’t produce the results they needed, wildlife agents in helicopters had to go out and shoot an additional 14 wolves. Mountain lion tags were also issued to reduce their numbers. The dramatic decline in the elk herd was largely attributed to predators and that is why Idaho’s Fish and Game Department takes steps that are sometimes different than California. There’s actually nothing ‘stupd’ about it, wildlife biologists do a tremendous job trying to manage all the species and hunting is just one of the tools that are used. For sue hunting is not for everyone and while some people may find it distasteful, it is completely legal and serves a purpose.

  29. z says:

    He is a Californian Lt. State Gov and should lead by example. If it is illegal in his state where he holds a position he should not be going to a state where it is legal, and to a ranch where it’s like shooting fish in a barrel and then be grinning like an idiot when he shoots it. HE SHOWS POOR JUDGEMENT. Fire him!

  30. z says:

    He is a Californian State Commissioner and should lead by example. If it is illegal in his state where he holds a position he should not be going to a state where it is legal, and to a ranch where it’s like shooting fish in a barrel and then be grinning like an idiot when he shoots it. HE SHOWS POOR JUDGEMENT. Fire him!

    1. y says:

      Nobody can fire him. It would take a majority vote from elected representatives to remove him from office. There is no legal basis for that to happen and there is no precedent for such action. Please return to the short bus.

  31. Piasecki says:

    Newsom and the 40 Democratic Assembly members should resign for trying to take away the rights of an individual. They all should be sued.

  32. montana mike says:

    I say bump him up to Lt. Gov……

  33. John Blausey says:

    You liberals really are a sick bunch. You think it’s ok for the President to get a hummer in the Oval office but not ok for a man to participate in a legal hunt in another state. You think it’s ok for the mayor to harbor criminals in SF but not ok for a man to do what thousands of other Americans do legally in another state. I bet you have no problem with officials going to Las Vegas to gamble even though tat’s not legal here either. You think it’s morally wrong to shoot an animal and condemn a man for doing it legally but you think it’s ok to have same sex marriage and condemn people who disagree. hypocrites is what you are.

    1. elizabeth wagner says:

      what is this about gambleing in nev. it has nothing to do with hunting or killing

  34. d says:

    we need certain numbers of dangerous wildlife in particular to be hunted, otherwise we will have more occurances of dangerous wildlife coming in suburban areas threatening people and they will be killed anyway.

  35. Lee says:

    Newsom go back to SF- the Lt. Gov of our state should have more important things to do than to get publicity for a “hot button” issue in CA. The hunt was LEGAL folks- end of story. I live in the Mts. and would love to take those of you crying for this cat on a walk so I can show you just how many cats are out there. They are no where near “extinct” and are destroying our CA deer herds- don’t you feel bad for the cute Bambi’s too? Just because you don’t like hunting does not mean others can not do it legally. It’s all about wildlife management folks.

  36. mofugly13 says:

    Are same sex couples who leave the state to get married lacking in California values too, Mr Newsom?? Hypocrite.

  37. tan says:

    Legal or not, disgusting for sure.

    1. C says:

      Not as bad as what they do to the animals in the slaughter house every day to put meat on the table

  38. d says:

    So many sheltered wimps that can’t handle being a part of the food chain. Animals must die for others to survive, thats why man kind has survived for so long and prospered.

  39. elizabeth wagner says:

    i have been reading and commenting on some peoples thoughts. well i hunted with my father to put food on the table i never seen my father with a big grin on his face my father was raised in oklahoma thats how they survived during the depression. my father never shot a mountain lion. oakys eat some strange things but a have never heard of mountian lion stew or mountain lion pie or of any thing else cooked with a mountain lion and my father had to eat a lot of diffirent things but not mountain lion.

  40. Darwin says:

    Newsom needs to shut up. This person did nothing illegal. None of the tree-huggers here understand what it takes to run a predator to ground. The use of dogs to run them down and tree them is oftentimes exactly how it is done. You may not like it, but sorry I am sure there are lots of things you don’t like in this world. Too bad.

  41. Sean says:

    While not illegal, the Comissioner is exhibiting the same character flaws you are so quick to heap on Newsome and Clinton.This has nothing to do with a liberal or conservative agenda it has to do with someone making a very poor choice to participate in an activity that isn’t allowed in his own State where he holds office. Turn off CNN and FoxNews and try thinking for yourselves for a change.

    It would be like Gil Kerlikowske posting pictures of himself at a hash bar in the Netherlands- bong in hand.

    1. Lee says:

      Why is doing a legal hunt a poor choice just because he holds an office? He is a sportsman who went out of state to hunt an animal that CA voters protected- other states did not. Can he not hunt a deer and get a picture with it here – it is legal to hunt a deer here- how about a bear? Contrary to what people here commenting think the Fish and Game Dept. is a wildlife management agency. They are not an agency to stop the dreadful “killing of all things furry”. This debate is basically about those who hate the killing of all critters vs. those who get it!

      1. sean says:

        So if I hunt game (Deer and fowl) and not Predators am I not getting it?

        As part of a Management Agency, the commissioner is responsible for enforcing the regulations that are in place. I’d think if I took that job I’d agree with what those regulations are, do my best to enforce them and lead by example.

        If you think bagging a $6800 Mountain Lion is the same thing as getting a Buck then there’s nothing i can say that will help you “get it”.

    2. Darwin says:

      Where did the comment about Clinton come from? Let alone the CNN remark. So your attempt at argument is to tell anyone who watches those so called news outlets is flawed in their thought process for simply watching them? I guess you do empirical research on all topics to which you ascribe an opinion? Wow, you must be really wealthy because you are so good! Don’t let the Occupy fools know that, they’ll try to redistribute your wealth.

      1. sean says:

        “John Blausey-You liberals really are a sick bunch. You think it’s ok for the President to get a hummer in the Oval office but not ok for a man to participate in a legal hunt in another state”

        This whole train of comments is littered with conservative jargon – including your “None of these tree-huggers” comment.

        My point , not my attempt, was to point out that while the hunt was legal is a bad decision that the Comissioner made to take part in a trophy hunt for an animal he is supposed to be working to protect.

  42. sean says:

    Like you said there are lots of things in this world I won’t like and you’re right. Hypocrites like the Commish are one of them.

  43. Dirk says:

    So Sean, according to your reasoning, let’s say the California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer went on a “Personal Holiday” to Las Vegas and he ends up winning at the Blackjack table. Should he have to resign?? After all he is the California State Treasure he knows a lot about money and finances.

    Again following “your reasoning “shouldn’t Governor Brown, California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris and Lt Governor Galvin Newsom resign for not defending Prop 8 until all the arguments have been exhausted in the courts?

  44. sean says:

    Isn’t gambling legal in CA? Race tracks, casino’s, card rooms ect are pretty common.

    Did Brown, Harris or Newsome preside over a gay marriage ceremony?

  45. Mark Kelman says:

    I don’t hunt. I don’t like hunting. Surprise! I support hunter’s rights. Going to another state to legally hunt is no different than a Californian going to Nevada to legally gamble or driving from a dry county to get a drink. Each state drafts its own laws. Go find some other issue to kvetch over.

  46. mariner says:

    So libs tell me this . . . if partial birth abortion is illegal in your state, and your gf goes out of state to get it done, does she become a murderer when she comes back to her state and should be prosecuted for it???

  47. AZLady says:

    That picture makes me SICK!

  48. sean says:

    This took a turn for the aburd…

  49. Michael says:

    There is a huge conflict of interest within wildlife management agencies because hunters – a SMALL minority- oversee wildlife and their habitat that is supposed to belong to everyone.
    Wildlife agencies are mandated to protect the environment but they do the opposite. Their policies promote optimal hunting opportunities at the expense of animals, the environment and taxpayers.

    State wildlife biologists are paid from hunting license fees and their studies and recommendations reflect a pro-hunting bias. There is NO scientific basis for culling the herd.
    Culling does not prevent overpopulation as demonstrated by an 8 year study of mountain lions in Canada. The mountain lion population recovered from hunting and stabilized at an optimum density for its habitat range. Another study in Utah showed the same.

    Wildlife agencies are causing irreparable damage to the environment. We are losing ancient forest ecosystems at an alarming rate, partly due to hunters.
    In 1975 game management on state and federal wildlife lands included the following activities:
    – 422,868 acres burned
    – 18,094 acres cleared
    – 35,415 acres sprayed with toxic pesticides
    – 126,375 acres bulldozed
    – 599,526 acres flooded to create duck breeding habitat
    Following years have only increased the decimation of wildlife habitat – all to manipulate the environment SO HUNTERS HAVE MORE ANIMALS TO KILL.

    Hunters make up less than 7% of the population yet the non hunters fund 600 million acres of public land for hunters, wildlife agencies, and the destruction of wildlife and the environment. Something is very wrong here.

  50. sean says:

    Interesting. I always thought hunters and fisherman did more for the environment than the rest of the population. All of those issues you are describing sound like poor managment by the BLMand other agencies. What you are descibing sounds morelike a benefit for farmers and ranchers than for hunters and fisherman.
    Have any links for the studies you are citing?

  51. Michael says:

    Sean, the Great American Hunting Myth, written by ecologist Ron Baker, has all the statistics, and he ‘shoots’ down every myth promoted by wildlife agencies/hunters. He spent 3 years researching the book, and he wasn’t an AR activist.
    Yes, it’s true that early conservationists, like Teddy Roosevelt, created wildlife preserves, unfortunately, modern hunting practices are destroying ecosystems and the biology of hunted species.
    The book has some mind blowing information, even hunters would be surprised.

  52. sean says:

    I’ll take a look at it. I must say I am slightly suspicious of the fact the book is from 1985 and he, from what reviews I read, is a vegetarian and pushes that lifestyle as well.

  53. Michael says:

    The book does not appear to be a smoke screen for an extreme animal rights agenda.
    Towards the end of the book, Baker lists steps to become more environmentally responsible, and vegetarianism is one of them. He discusses the responsibility humans have to protect animals from cruelty – but this sentiment is not limited to animal rights. Although the author states that the cruelty issue is a valid consideration, he wanted the focus to be on empirical facts, and it was.

    But you can decide for yourself. In any case, I appreciate your open mindedness and willingness to learn something new, especially when you have doubts about it.

  54. Ryan says:

    Gavin newsom wants his dad to be on the commission, apparently

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