MOUNTAIN VIEW (CBS 5) — In vitro fertilization can be priceless for those who want a child. But more than half the time, it isn’t successful. Despite long odds, a Bay Area doctor is having amazing results.

Dr. Richard Schmidt with the Nova In Vitro Fertilization Clinic in Mountain View has helped thousands of couples get pregnant. He has been ranked one of the leading fertility doctors in the state for his pregnancy success rate.

The Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology recently released its success rates for fertility doctors statewide. The average pregnancy rate for patients going thru IVF is 33 percent. Schmidt’s success rate is 52 percent for women under 35.

For many couples, getting pregnant is a dream that takes more than what a couple alone can do.  It becomes clinical, scientific and very expensive. The cost can range from $13,000-$16,000 dollars for an IVF cycle.

So is there a magic formula? Schmidt said his formula is simple: he tells his patients to relax and let him take care of the medical side. He said many couples have been on a seemingly endless cycle of worry.

Schmidt’s success is not based on hormone treatment alone. He also incorporates natural medicine such as acupuncture, relaxation and meditation.

Fertility experts have studied the connection between stress and infertility, finding anxiety suppresses the reproductive process.

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  1. Jman says:

    You state: “The average pregnancy rate for patients going thru IVF is 33 percent. Schmidt’s success rate is 52 percent for women under 35.”
    What is the average pregnancy rate for IVF of women under 35? Come on, this is basic common sense. The article as written is unfair.
    And is this article a paid advertisement? If so, please state your conflict of interest.
    Don’t you want people to trust your website as a news source?

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