Bay Area Wakes Up To Magnitude 4.0 East Bay Quake

EL CERRITO (CBS 5 / KCBS) — An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.0 shook the Bay Area at 5:33 a.m. on Monday.

The shallow quake was centered a mile north of El Cerrito, two miles from Richmond, four miles north of Berkeley and 13 miles from San Francisco City Hall.

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An initial report placed the magnitude at 4.3. The U.S. Geological Survey subsequently downgraded it to 4.0.

Phone-in and e-mail reports from viewers and listeners to KPIX-TV CBS 5 and KCBS All News 740 AM &FM 106.9 indicated that the quake was felt across much of the East Bay as well as the North Bay and San Francisco. The jerky tremor lasted only a few seconds.

One Twitter user wrote, “All of San Francisco just woke up, tweeted, and are now going back to bed for an hour. Thanks early morning #earthquake.”

There were no initial reports of damage or injuries, and Pacific Gas & Electric Co. said there were no power outages caused by the quake.

Bay Area Rapid Transit did briefly halt service during the early morning commute to conduct track inspections. Inspections of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge also found no damage.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

The tremor was felt by bridge staff as a “quick jolt,” said Golden Gate spokeswoman Mary Currie.

The USGS indicated some aftershocks had occurred, most notably a magnitude 2.0 around 6 a.m. near East Richmond Heights, which is about a mile from the epicenter of the 4.0 quake.

Bay Area Rapid Transit trains were briefly delayed after the quake to inspect the tracks.


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  • Brian Fahey

    I felt the quake in San Rafael.

    Woke up to the bed shaking and my bedroom door ratteling.

    My dog was on the bed and didn’t budge…. Was alarming but only felt the initial shake for 5-10 seconds. Did not feel the 2.0 quake after 6.

    • Nomr

      All obsene activities in the california area will be judged by
      a massive earthquake which will send the state into the sea

      california will be submerged….stop your pornography..

    • Nomr

      This is the beginning of earth changes.
      If you can leave california and San Francisco do so soon.

      As California will be submerged by the sea.

      • Plurb

        Hah Hah Hah ! You got the Hah Hahs!

      • B Josloff

        Geologists and geophysicists are expecting a quake along the madras fault line at the level of 9.0 or higher. When it occurs, the Mississippi will flow reverse its course and Missouri will be flattened. And, unlike San Francisco, these are all God fearing, Gay hating real American folk.

      • Richard

        I would LOVE to leave California …. but… has NOTHING to do with earthquakes. They happen repeatedly and a 4.0 is actually a very minor occurence.

      • The Flamingo Kid


      • gman

        What? This happens ALL THE TIME. California isn’t going to slip into the sea in your or your grandchildren’s lifetime. California is a great state with enormous diversity.

    • jamesB

      Felt it here in Los Altos. They weren’t much, but they were still the biggest I’ve felt in a couple of years. Big enough to have running to the living room to grab some pottery of the shelves, just in case a Big Daddy was coming.

    • Rebecca

      I must be a wimp. I would absolutley freak out if that were me. But then again, I live in Kentucky. I’ve never been through one. I heard that y’all in California get them all the time, though.

    • bobington

      Just remember…people who live in CA will always be btter than you….

      I agree with you though, don’t cry when the inevitible (sp?) happens. New Orleans did it, and will again probably when it floods again, however the people in the miidwest just got their butts kicked by tornadoes and yes they are reeling from the destruction, but they aren’t crying about the fact that the tornado happened because they always knew it was a possibility.

      • B Josloff

        @bobyington…It was right to blame both local, state, and Federal government. At the federal level, those levies were due to for repair and retrofit for years. FE MA was pathetic in its initial response and at the local and state level we saw very ill-prepared emergency response agencies and preparation…Emergency Preparedness at the macro level is the responsibility of government at Federal, State, and local levels.

      • B Josloff

        Trust me. People are crying in the Midwest.

      • bobington

        Kam, you completely misunderstood my comment. I am not saying that the tornados/flooding/hurricanes/earthquakes/etc are not terrible. They obviously are. What I am saying is the people in some ares admit they are living in a disaster prone area, while people in other areas dont. The people in the mid west know a tornado will come though, however, remember Katrina? Those people knew they lived below sea level and blamed the government for their problems, not the fact that they lived below sea level and didnt have flood insurance. People in CA know they live where they will get earthquakes, the question is who will they blame when the “big one” hits? Themselves or someone else? The people who just got hit with tornadoes are not blaming anyone but the tornado.

      • Ryan

        You guys better wake up it is only going to get worse! Get prepared for the end of 2012 boys keep your powder dry!

      • batman

        Clearly, God is angry at the puny humans for their Sodom and Gonorrhea lifestyles.

        You should appease your god to save yourselves. Repent from your evil ways, and
        stop letting the crooks you call politicians from stealing your money.


      • Kam

        People are crying about the tornados. That was an awful and devastating tornado. I don’t see how you can say how people knew it was a possibility when they were living in trailer homes and had no storm cellars. What happened there was truly awful and there are people hurting and crying. Way to trivialize a disaster.

      • ShakeItUp

        This might be the first story in the news this year that isn’t entirely made up after the coup and cover up. We have a real earthquake rocking Washington now too.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

      • bobington

        Stoopid. This was ment as a response to FFF below, not here. Sorry Brian…

      • Mark Twain

        B FD…this is just on more story, to deflect attention away from O bama’s failed policies.

        A 4.0 in SF is like going to Denny’s, and the waitress spills a 1/2 inch over your coffee cup.

        This story is just one more proof, that “jour nalists” have been ordered by the W hite H ouse, to report the most dumb $$ stories, as “news”.

  • FFF

    At this point if you’re still living in California, knowing it’s only a matter of time until an earthquake destroys it, you’re really really dumb. Between the nuclear reactors that are built on fault lines and the gangs that will run rampant afterward, please don’t expect the rest of us that don’t live in such a cool place, to finance you after the destruction. ——

    • Jingly


      • Cid Young

        I’ll take the Rockin’ S.F. Bay Area A-N-Y D-A-Y over Hicksville, are you a Wasilla-Hillbilly?

      • OtterX


      • AwakeEarly

        LOL@Jingly…..Not sure why your two simple letters of (ok) have me cracking up this morning.

      • MeasureTheSizeOfThis

        Unelected officials found another story to take over. They are afraid you can’t handle the truth. We have no democracy, no president, and freedom of press is an illusion after the coup and cover up.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

    • The Flamingo Kid

      HA HA Ha Ha Ha. Maybe it is YOU who will get sucked up by a tornado. When it happens, don’t expect the rest of us to finance your destruction.

    • Squawks

      I’m afraid I agree. California is going to be in the ocean and everyone will be shocked.

      • gman

        Don’t be afraid, Squaks, ignorance is bliss.

    • wisey

      Wonder what you’ll type on when silicon valley disappears. Im sure Kansas will swoop in and start putting out cutting edge technology. You owe us.

      • bobington

        Silicon Valley hillarious! You know its all really coming from Japan right? Just like most of the ideas/trends in CA. The Pacific Ocean can be suprisingly small.

    • poophotdog

      you jealous bro?

    • Irving M. Terzich

      Hello FFF: Well, I’m probably old enough to be your father, and have been through my share of CA eartquakes. Anything undeer 5.0 is pretty ho hum, above that you really notice it. A couple of broken dishes, etc., is nothing compared to sunshine, the great outdoors, and family. Bet you would enjoy Yosemite if you came out to see us. Irv

      • Gary

        So what happens when you have a 8 or greater at Diablo Canyon when it’s only been rated for a 7.5? We’re not talking about broken dishes, we’re talking about a complete meltdown as Fukushima.

    • daniel

      at least im livin

    • getalife

      you sound really stupid

    • Justin Time

      Whenever I read or hear of tornadoes or hurricanes suffered by other parts of the US, my heart and prayers goes out to them. Its sad when the place you live suffers a natural disaster and the rest of the nation shouts “Stupid, you suck! You deserved that!”

    • Rod

      At this point, if you’re still living on Earth, knowing it’s only a matter of time until something kills you, you’re really, really dumb. Do us all a favor FFF and oFFF yourself.

    • Wes

      Do you not know anything about Geology or are you simply trying to be funny? The western side of the San Andreas fault is moving north-west. It will take MILLIONS of years to move to the point where it separates from the mainland. California will never be “destroyed” by this.

      • Dr. Kiawa

        @Seraphim0 Go look at the data. Now Tokyo is receiving levels 25 times higher than what they evacuated Chernobyl on and you’re now getting that in California. But you know better. Google Fukushima update and learn something.

      • Living on borrowed time... and loving it!

        @Fancios, Jerane, & “Dr”. Kiawa, Did any of you rubes actually read up on the Diablo plant? Kiawa you said yourself to google it. So I did. Even without wikipedia bias and misinformation there are PLENTY of articles indicating that your fear mongering and trolling are uncalled for. Most articles say it is built to withstand 7.5. And honestly, if anything larger then 7.5 hits, the reactor is the last thing anyone is going to worry about. 7.5+ will level most the pre 1960’s homes that make up a great deal of residences, and the fires that spread will make the sun look like an ice cube. As for falling into the ocean, Wes is right, CA is actually unable to fall in that direction. An equally improbable claim would be that CA would fall into the lap of Las Vegas.

        On a side note, I live in LA, and would pay money to watch all the Beverly Hills homes come sliding down the hill when the big one hits. Sunset Blvd is going to contain so much wreckage they might as well turn it into a dump.

        And if any of you stick-up-your-arse busy bodies don’t get it, there was a bit of sarcasm, hyperbole, and general humor sprinkled about my comment. To Live and Die in LA, we do it every day.

      • bobington

        I guess people really fail to realize that none the geological mapping forcasts for the next several million years show CA falling into the ocean.

      • Dr. Kiawa

        Tokyo Radiation Level 25x the Fukushima Mandatory Evacuation Zone, Some as High as Chernobyl, Ocean 1000x Higher 400 Miles Away

        google that and wake the F up

      • Seraphim0

        So, Francios, now that we have seen a fallout in Japan– why aren’t they glowing in the dark and dying by the hundreds? Oh, because emergency announcements and services combined with evacuation saved them.

        Get over yourself. The doomsaying of your posts reaks of idiocy and pathetic fear mongering.

      • Jerane

        If Diablo was to do a Fukushima, scientists say everything south of it is toast. That can happen any day, you don’t have to wait ‘millions’ of years to have the state destroyed. Don’t you know anything about physics Wes?

      • Fancios

        So when Diablo Canyon Power Plant, built on a fault line goes, and everything is radiated … you don’t call that destroyed? No one said anything about separating. But hey, enjoy the glow in the dark world, you’ll be able to see at night as you die from radiation poisoning.

    • Chad

      And where is it that you live FFF, that is so safe from any disasters?

      • Carl

        i know right?

      • CA Loving It

        he must live under the safest rock in the world!

    • loverpoint

      You’re really dumb if you belittle other people for where they choose to live. What about Alaskans, Japanese. What about Hawaiians that live on an active volcano ?What about people that live in mobile homes in the tornado belt of the Mid Western US. How about the people that live along coastal waters anywhere in the world. Please tell the world which spot you have declared the smartest place to live?

      • truthhurts

        Are you worried about the competition?


        LOL you tell them! Amazing how many ignorant, hateful, right wing idiots out there!

    • simone says

      hahahahahah … you live in kansas, right? and haven’t figured out that massive earthquakes only happen every 30-50 years, whereas you guys get tornados every spring and fall.

      who’s dumb now?

      don’t get me wrong, i’m an okie: i have massive sympathy for those caught in the recent weather … i’m from there … but it still doesn’t change the basic math: how often do we have to face earthquakes? and the rest of the time, we live in paradise. and yet folks think *we’re* the stupid ones.

    • Tina

      Your mother must be so proud to have raised such a compassionate person… As if other states in the US are immune to natural disasters… Hurricanes, tornadoes…

  • Kat Vaughn

    It was a good rattler here in Richmond. Felt stronger than a 4.0. Both cats slinking through the house afterwards…they’ve not experienced an EQ before.

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  • john

    Did not feel it in Livermore

  • Helen W.

    Felt this Earthquake, and it felt stronger then a 4.0. First it was a short rumble, and then suddenly it hit real hard. Had things falling all over. It really scared me. Tried to get in the doorway by the bathroom, but it came so suddenly. It felt very muc like the one we had Octobe 17th, 1989. It really was a strong one. This was truly a strong one. I live in El Sobratne, between May Road and Appian Way. Felt a lot of Earthquake, but not as strong as this one. Flet like it was right under my home. IT WAS STRONG AND FRIGHTENING!!

    • Richard

      Helen; I have no doubt that this morning’s earthquake jolted you but the Oct. 17th, 1989 quake was VERY serious and caused NUMEROUS loss of life. A 4.0 is MILd by comparison.

  • victoria

    dont hate on California some of us are just stuck here born and raised and not able to move.

    • Richard

      I feel your PAIN Victoria!

    • simone says

      you’re not stuck here: move. it’s really cheap to live in the midwest. and trust me. within 6 months you’ll be wondering why you went crazy and left home.

      • bobington

        One Sub-zero day? Are people from CA really that weak that they cant handle a chilly day?

      • frank3108

        If they move back in the winter it won’t take 6 months, just one sub-zero day or go thru a tornado. Just look at the pictures from them. California is best.

      • LP

        Ya the midwest where they have devestating tornadoes….

  • loverpoint

    I’d much rather have a 4.0 earthquake every other week than a 9.0 every 100-200 years.

    • billius

      Um,there aren’t tornado’s in Cal.

      • simone says

        googling it would be too much like work, wouldn’t it, plus the writer might have to deal with *gasp!* REAL FACTS!! …. when it’s just easier to throw out some old wives’ tale ;)

      • Hogarth

        Google “California” and “tornado”.

      • simone says

        there was in fact a tornado in vallejo this morning. i’ve lived here (Bay Area) almost 30 years, and i recall about 4-5 tornadoes. they are unusual, small, and rarely do much damage. but we have ’em

      • CA Loving It

        Umm yes there are! We had one touch down at the lake in Lake Forest (South Orange County) two years ago

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  • Brown Dufus

    Don’t worry about paying for the post damage. It will be a job maker. The funding machine is in place for the rebuild. The rest of the country will pay for the project. We will be indebted to the rest of the world, but that is part of the plan.

  • Chris

    There were actually two quakes at almost the same location, 8 seconds apart. Both measured 4.0. Which is the same as one at 4.3.

  • loverpoint

    Thank Science for showing us that there are ways to diminish the destruction of earthquakes by using proper building techniques.

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  • Kelli

    Funny how my comments were removed about California. You folks really are pathetic and small minded.

    • gman

      I saw your lame comments on my computer. Nice try, though.
      Stay classy, hillbilly.

      • Kelli

        The first one was removed and still is … then they posted .. “comment waiting approval” then they re-posted …. stay degenerate, mental deficient

  • Kelli

    Wow, they removed FFF’s comment too. The people’s republic of Kalifonia is alive and well.

    • gman

      Yeah, you mean the one about the reactors and the one tagged with the “911/essentials” after it? Yep, those are still here too. Guess you need to upgrade your internet.

    • Dr. No

      You mean the land of Rodney King, Charles Manson and Arnold the steroid boy.

  • Tina

    I live in Benicia and at first I thought it was a freak windstorm and then I realized that it was the “ripple effect” from a somewhat larger than normal earthquake.

  • rawdog

    lol 4.0 earthquake, I remember the east coast getting a minor earthquake and all the west coast slamming them… “thats not an earthquake…blah blah blah”

    now this 4.0 is big news hypocrits

    • lawldog

      Were you here and did you feel it? Maybe you haven’t been paying attention, but the majority of us who were woken up and experienced it agree that it felt much greater than a 4.0, mostly because there were two simultaneous quakes happening near the same area. I have felt quakes as high as a 5 here before and this one felt much, much closer to that. And besides, most of the good memes about the east coast quake came from east coasters themselves.

  • Ed

    A 4.0 quake huh? Or as they call it in California…Monday.

  • Benson Wong

    Woke us up; felt like a truck hit the house. No damages … went back to sleep. looks like a good day for golf!

  • JKeyes

    Did SF slip into the sea??? Just askin..

  • ElisabethinCA

    You actually made a decision to get online, go to a California news site, and leave a nasty message about people in California? People like you are an embarrassment to our country. Get a life Kelli, get an education. Maybe you wouldn’t be so fat and unhappy.

  • Mike

    Good Morning to my Gramma in Richmond ! A 4.0 Shaker to get the blood flowing

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