MILPITAS (KCBS) — Solo drivers passing through one of Milpitas’ most congested areas will now have the option of breezing through an express lane, but it will cost them.

According to the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority more than 300,000 cars pass the 237-880 interchange everyday.

Brandi Childress with the Santa Clara VTA said the High Occupancy Toll or HOT lanes open March 15th and will make commuting easier for thousands.

Childress said solo commuters will have the option of paying a fee to use the carpool lane.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

“Solo drivers willing to pay the fee will see the tolling signs about a mile prior to the tolling facility,” she said.

She added there will be plenty of warning for those commuters who would rather not pay to use the express lanes and additional signage will be posted about a quarter mile from the actual toll lane.

Childress said the toll fees will range based on level of congestion in the lanes.

“It starts at 30 cents, but will average at three dollars, capping at around five dollars,” she said.

The dynamic pricing system basically means the least congested lanes will have most attractive pricing to keep traffic flowing.

Vehicles with at least two people, and other eligible users, will continue to use the express lane for free.

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Comments (3)
  1. carol says:

    so let me get this right, i have already paid for the highway in the first place through my state taxes and gas taxes but I can’t use the lane I already paid for because I don’t want to continue paying and paying and paying. Why don’t we the citizens ever have the option of voting on these stupid ideas. Everything is pushed onto us and it usually ends up costing us more and more to use less and less. Isn’t anyone else as fed up with the highway robbery as I am?

    1. Jeff says:

      Carol I am with you, Diamond lanes where to push us into car pools, now its about taxing us even more, we should put togedther a class action lawsuit against this. unfair use of taxpayer money and property. it was a ploy all along to give counties the possiblity to charge us all along. they have us using fast track ,to show how traffic is moving, soon they will use fast track to ticket us.

  2. Jeff says:

    to follow up Dave Padilla the reporter and all the other in the news business do not bring up the unfair taxing on us. we widen highways with tax dollars then put in a diamond lane, that only a few can drive in. look at the flow of traffic we are stuck in 3 lanes while one lane is only 1/3 used. its like an hour glass they slow us down with choking off one lane, now its ok to drive solo if you PAY. it has always been about the money. reporters forget the TAX factor on us.

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