MODESTO (CBS) – It’s a story made for daytime TV: 41-year old Modesto high school teacher James Hooker left his wife and children after falling for his 18-year-old student.

Television host Dr. Phil McGraw took a shot at the couple’s claim that the relationship started after Jordan Powers’ 18th birthday.

“We actually fell in love toward the end of January,” Hooker said on an episode of “Dr. Phil” that aired Tuesday. “It was a little bit of hugging, a little bit of kissing.”

“I didn’t even think about him being my teacher, him being married,” Powers said. “I didn’t care.”

“There were no text messages, phone calls, secret meetings, going to hotels, anything of that nature?” McGraw asked Hooker.

“No,” he replied.

But McGraw appeared to catch Hooker in a lie, pulling up phone records that showed the two were in contact while Powers was a minor.

“But on July 21st of 2011, there are five text messages between you two between 2:54 and 2:57 p.m.,” McGraw said to Hooker. “That’s not what you just told me. You said up until her birthday no meetings, no text messages, no going to hotels.”

Jordan’s mother Tammy Powers also appeared on the show.

“I trusted him with my child and that’s not okay,” she said.

Tammy Powers confronted Hooker for the first time face to face. After hearing of her daughter’s relationship with him, she set up a Facebook page calling out the former business teacher at Enochs High School.

“I think you have no moral compass,” she told Hooker. “I think you’re arrogant, I think you’re self-serving, I think you’re selfish. I think you’re ruining my child.”

The frustrated mother has started a campaign to prove Hooker took advantage of her daughter.

“I’m frustrated, I’m angry, but I’m adamant,” she said. “I’m still going to collect and find information to have James Hooker arrested.”

Tammy Powers said she’ll never accept the relationship despite a plea from Hooker on the show.

“Love is love,” he said. “If it’s over in six months, it’s over in six months. If it’s over in 40 years, we hope you’re okay with it too.”

“I’ll never be okay with it,” Tammy Powers replied, prompting an eruption of cheers from the audience.

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Comments (20)
  1. Choice says:

    BAD MIX ……Teen girl with a crush. Male teacher going through midlife crisis.
    They both need to get their heads out of the sand and GROW UP!

  2. Scott Woods says:

    I don’t understand how this is being made into news considering this is KCBS.COM, a news station serving the sickest, most unnatural and perverted city in the world. He is a man and she is a woman. Why is their age an issue? Why is this wrong, but two men together is somehow ok? What kind of backwards world are we in?

    1. CMMV says:

      You are talking about Vegas, I am sure. when you are capable of having children, you will understand. in the meantime STFU.

    2. Annie says:

      I agree with you Scott, this country is such a hypocrat….wats the difference if shes 18 and hes 41 or if shes 20 and hes 41…ppl make such a big deal over nothing and make no deal out of things that shud matter….humans make me sick to my stomach I can’t believe I was put in this world with such despicable human being, judgement day needs to hurry up and come bc there are wayyyyy too many ppl in this world that don’t deserve to be here!

      1. Shar says:

        If you can’t spell you shouldn’t even be responding to such a serious subject.

    3. meathead says:

      yeah scott, you would think we are in the crazy religious south. but this is pretty normal behavior for area code 209 the air in that valley has crazy bugs in it, once they get in your lungs they spread and just run a muck with your sensibilities.

  3. mike smith says:

    many middle aged guys, once they got off thier moral high horse would envy the hell out of him. you have to be prepared for the emotional cost though. the man opted to both lose his family an throw it into turmoil. the girl will recover and move on, adjusting more easily, providing she doesn;t get pregnant in a few years.

  4. Penny Flake says:

    He was her teacher. Young girls get crushes all the time, that doesn’t give men like him license to take advantage of that. People in positions of authority like teachers have a responsibility, and he failed in that miserably. As for the girl recovering? Really? You so sure of that? What has this taught her? That when you respect someone sex is always an option? — Just because you get “those” feelings for someone doesn’t mean you act on them. This girl is a victim, and he’s not a middle-aged hero living every man’s dream.

    1. Dean says:

      What are you talking about? I don’t understand a word you’re saying, or what the point is that you are trying to make. Hire an editor.

      1. Dean says:

        Penny, I was speaking to Scott, not you. I understand your point completely. What is going with people thes days not being able to control their urges? “She makes me feel good, and we love each other.” Right….sure you do. This guy is going to wake up one of these days and realize just how many innocent people he has hurt. The tragedy will be that it will be too late to make amends, and he will be a very lonely man with no one to blame but himself. As she is still young, she will probably move on with her life. Judge Judy says it best: “You have to be smart. Don’t be dumb.”

  5. Diament says:

    Leave the guy and his girl friend alone, that’s what the result when you have set up system in fornication freedom, where is the firl’s father in all of these? Count how many kids were out the marriage? Now even the president chit.

    1. Shar says:

      You are completely illiterate. Re post when you can spell and speak coherently.

  6. George says:

    Here is another reason why a single parent home where there is no dad is detremental. There is no way that that could happen if the dad is around. No 41 year old man would have the guts to show up at the doorstep of a 17, 18 year old child if her father is living at her house.

    This idiot doesn’t care what the mother says because it is only talk. Men respond to who can kick who’s butt and a woman is not kicking any man’s butt, a father has no problem engaging in hand to hand combat when it comes to his daughter.

    The daughter is obviously looking for a father figure, a way to prove to her mom that she too is a woman, a way to get out of the house, and just generally being a rebellious teen. This guy recognized that and has taken advantage of this little girl, plain and simple. Any man can do it, but there is a statute of limitations to everything in life.

    How embarrassing for his kids growing up. Think of what they will have to endure in school and life. This is a man that is so incredibly selfish and low down that there is no word for it. He is just as bad as a child molestor.

    1. Jim Bob says:

      George: “No 41 year old man would have the guts to show up at the doorstep of a 17, 18 year old child if her father is living at her house.”

      He didn’t show up at her mothers house either. Whats your point? If he didn’t show up at the mothers house, thae fact that the father is not around is irrelevant.

  7. Jeff Stone says:

    It’s a rather sordid affair…It’s two rather immature people, one that should have been old enough to know better, but the two…hurting two families…
    This is America… free to be intelligent, and FREE TO BE STUPID… SO CHOICES ARE IMPORTANT, MAKE THE RIGHT ONES!

  8. ROCKO says:

    Go Dude. They can make money off the movie. She is 18. Probably needs a father figure. Where is he. I blame the Mother.

  9. Howard Gottlieb says:

    It is interesting as a poster above said that their is shock in this city about any perverse sexual behavior.

    I personally am thrilled that the school district would get involved. Hopefully Dr Phil stood up and defined wrong as wrong.

    Howard Gottlieb

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