MORGAN HILL (CBS SF/AP) – Law enforcement officials looking for evidence in the case of a missing Morgan Hill teen came up empty during a search Saturday.

Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jose Cardoza says teams of Santa Clara County deputies and deputies from nearby counties found no evidence or what he termed “items of interest.” Fifteen-year-old Sierra LaMar has been missing since the morning of March 16, when she left home to catch a school bus.

KCBS’ Betsy Gebhart Reports:

About 90 personnel, along with search dogs, spent most of Saturday combing a 12-mile area of Morgan Hill.

No search took place on Sunday, and Cardoza could not say if there would be any this week.

The FBI is also involved in the investigation, with agents stopping drivers over the weekend to ask if they noticed anything unusual on the morning Sierra disappeared.

Despite the lack of developments, there was a huge turnout of hopeful people at the Crossroads Christian Church in Morgan Hill, where friends and family of the missing teen vowed to press on in their search.

An estimated 250 people turned out on the cold Sunday night for the candlelight vigil.

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Comments (3)
  1. David says:

    People search the grounds because they think something will be there. But she is long gone. Dont waste your time searching the wrong way.

    Think. Gone mostly by a car. Like Tracy Dugard, most likely by a sexual predator and only 2 miles away. So SEARCH SEXUAL PREDATORS HOMES, RAPISTS HOMES, ANYONE TRYING TO KIDNAP GIRLS. Search all of them nearby and far. But hurry because time is of the essence.

    I hear more and more kidnappings happening all the time. If you were to kidnap someone what would you do? I believe searching sexual predators homes may be the best way and the fastest way to find her and anyone in this situation. These sick people need to be caught, tried, and dumped into the deepest of oceans.

    I hope that all parents and schools protect and teach their children how to be safe. At the same time everything should be done to rid society from all these sick people.

  2. Duane says:

    As a bold statement of how California views these crimes, Gov. Brown should call for the swift execution of Richard Allen Davis.

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