FAIRFAX (CBS 5) – A Fairfax police officer was badly hurt in a dog attack, and officers report that this isn’t the first time they’ve been forced to use a weapon on the same animal.

Officer Rhonda Richardson was dealing with a man who appeared to be intoxicated at a youth baseball game when she heard his dog approaching. She tried to pepper spray the animal, but was bit on the hand.

“She turned to notice the dog, and it was at that point he lunged at her at her face,” said Farifax Police Sgt. Stuart Baker. “She blocked the dog with her off hand, as she tried to draw her hand gun, she had a situation where, with all the kids and families, she clearly didn’t have a safe location where she could defend herself…and shoot the dog.”

The dog, a pit bull mix named “Breezey,” and its owner, 35-year-old Adam Laflin, have had previous encounters with Fairfax PD. In fact, the man who is now the police chief said that, when he was an officer, he had to shoot the dog.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

Chris Morin and two other officers tried to restrain and arrest Laflin in 2009, and were charged by the dog.

“He clearly was going to attack us,” recalled Chief Morin. “I fired two rounds at the dog, and, unfortunately, I was forced to take that action.”

After that incident, the dog was taken in by the Humane Society. Following a hearing the dog was released. The animal had nearly finished a 3-year probation period when it bit officer Richardson. There will be a new hearing on the fate of the dog, but it may not be set free again.

“He’s been a potentially dangerous dog. The next step (is that), potentially, he will be deemed a vicious dog. That’s really up to the hearing officer to decide,” said John Reese of the Marin Humane Society.

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Comments (11)
  1. jack says:

    The dog got three years probation. C’mon, California. Think about that for a minute.

  2. gridson says:

    put the dog down. it’s only a matter of time before it seriously maims or kills someone…

  3. Darwin says:

    Come on. Its obvious the dog is only being aggressive because it was raised in a lower socio-economic environment. We must be to blame for not trying to see things from the dog’s perspective. I am sure it was only acting out because it felt compelled to do so. I am sure the police were acting all sorts of crazy and ‘doing too much.’ That’s why the dog felt oppressed and thought it had no other recourse but to bite. The dog may have even been trying to stand up for social justice from the Occupy and annoy movement as well as standing up for its other dogs, like Oscar Grant and the poor misunderstood kid in Florida who was trying to pound the neighborhood watch moron’s brains out on the sidewalk.

  4. NoHateSF says:

    Too bad they didn’t “accidentally” shoot the irresponsible owner trying to protect his killer dog brought into a public place!

  5. rich h says:

    And Gov. Moonbeam wants to ban the death penalty.
    Hint: Dead criminals don’t repeat offend. They’re dead.

  6. luvmydogs says:

    I’m surprised all the pit lovers haven’t been crying here yet. That dog should have been put down the first time. So sad .

  7. anna says:

    Why wasn’t this poorly bred POS animal put down the first time? It’s dogs like this that give the APBT breed a bad name. 95% of APBTs are poorly bred with sht temperaments, they should be culled, with the true highly animal aggressive game bred APBTs still alive. Those are the only ones I would trust, because the were specifically bred to be human friendly. The average BYB Pit? Not so much.

  8. Ron J says:

    I cant believe this ! I know he has horrible music and awful super bowl shows , but he doesn’t deserve this ! keep strong PB !!!!

  9. tramky says:

    What a beast! Put a bullet in this dog’s brain and be done with it. Geez, this isn’t rocket science.

  10. Johnny Law says:

    Why didn’t the officer shot the owner and arrest the dog?

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