Vandals Break Windows, Spray Paint Buildings During Occupy Oakland March

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Oakland police are trying to identify vandals who took part in a weekend Occupy Oakland march and vandalized various downtown properties.

Officers reported that four broken windows and spray paint damage were found along the route of Saturday night’s “FTP” march, most of which were located in the Oakland City Center, according to police.

Marchers wearing black clothing and backpacks were captured on video committing acts of vandalism and retreating into the marching crowd, police said.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

The damaged businesses included Starbucks, Wells Fargo, Leon Savoy Bail Bonds, Scott’s Trade and Quizno’s.

Police said that most recent Occupy marches have been peaceful aside from the vandalism.

Anyone who might have information regarding the crimes is asked to contact Oakland police at (510) 777-3333.

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  • oldfart

    Why are the so called marches even allowed, much less the occupy movement.

    Oakland stand up for the middle class and remove all occupy members now.

    • TarzanQPublic

      With a name [oldfart] You are no different than the protesters…You are nuisance,annoying,unpleasant,obnoxious and a pest.

  • SenorChico

    Murders. Suicides. Rapes. Overdose deaths.Vandalism. Antisemitism. Heroin dealing. Creepy guys exposing themselves to small children. People defecating and urinating on police cars. Outbreaks of hepatitis and body lice. Arson. Assaulting the police and trashimg public buildings. Burning our flag.

    Say, remember when the Tea Party did all this stuff?

    Me neither.

    Rarely have the lines in the culture war been as clearly demarcated as they are right now.

  • OaklandTaxpayer

    disgusting. Why is this “occupy Oakland” still being tolerated? Hasn’t this fiasco cost our city more than we can ill afford? Why’s it still being promoted? IF our police act, then they’ll be the butt of some lawsuit promoted by the usual lawyers looking to loot Oakland’s bank acct. Where’s the mayor and council? They initiated this welcome wagon. They need to put the cap on this and send it packing.

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