OAKLAND (CBS/AP) — Oakland police said they received so many calls for service Friday evening that they were unable to respond to all the calls.

Police said at 6:30 p.m. Friday it was so busy, the department had 125 calls for service, with officers already working on 17 priority calls.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

Even though the department was fully staffed, officers could not immediately respond to calls for reports, non-emergency calls, or follow-up services.

A police spokesman did not respond to a request for but the department did issue a statement that it “would review the causes and to mitigate future occurrences.”

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Comments (5)
  1. gna says:

    Since so many of Oakland’s populace are composed of neighborhoods
    that often reject or will not work with police in solving crime, then don’t
    service those particular neighborhood so efficiently…,

  2. annoyed ex-montclairan says:

    this isn’t just a “friday” incident… at least for over a year, they haven’t had enough officers to respond. can’t tell you how many times we’ve called about suspicious behavior or obvious drug activity, just to be told to file a report online. we even tried to flag an officer down once, and he stopped, told us he didn’t have time to take a report or lift the fingerprints from our burglarized cars, to file a report online and write a letter to the mayor if we wanted more police to respond. that he had a “real emergency” to get to.

  3. gna says:

    Oakland once a long time ago use to be a great place to live, but since WW2 it’s gone downhill, each new generation that has come-up there have degraded the city ever since. It is a hell hole now and will only get worse. . . just wait until a sizable earthquake hits there . . . it will be over run by marauding killing thieves and
    gangsters who will loot and kill until the blood flows in the streets . . . that’s the kind of animals that live there now . . . there is just enough, and, I mean just enough to keep things in check, but the first time the system breaks down . . . look out..

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