SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – An author may have specific ideas about how a reader should enjoy his or her work. In San Francisco, a group is taking an unusual tact on how literature might be enjoyed.

This one involves getting naked.

“It’s just that simple, naked girls reading,” said Kristine Wilson, who produces the Naked Girls Reading shows. The most recent one – featuring naked women reading Oscar Wilde – sold out last week at San Francisco’s Stage Werx on Valencia St.

What exactly is the Naked Girls Reading program?

“My dad asks the same question,” conceded Wilson. “And it’s as simple as it sounds was all I could tell him.”

In other words, girls are naked, on stage, reading literature.

The stars of the show are allowed to accessorize.

“I’m wearing sort of Victorian-esque boots,” described on of the performers, Mimi. “Pearl necklace and pearl earrings. A little miniature top hat and my glasses.”

That’s it.

“I think it’s art and literature. I don’t think sex comes into play,” Wilson maintained. “I think that’s a different party and a different event. I think there’s always a hint of it because people are naked but that’s not really what this is about.”

“I think it’s definitely, you know, come for the naked but stay for the literature,” added Mimi.

KCBS’ Mike Sugerman Reports:

The Naked Girls Reading group is based out of Chicago. No word yet on when there will be another Bay Area performance. And so far, no word about a Naked Guys Reading group, either.

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