SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey has had plenty of success on the field, and now he’s trying to expand his brand off the field as well.

”Buster Bash” is a game launched this week for Apple mobile devices which offers fans a chance to hit home runs against a virtual pitcher.

Posey is the first Major League Baseball player to develop and market his own mobile game. Unlike other popular sports video games, like the Madden Football franchise and other sporting games from Electronic Arts, Buster Bash is meant to be about having fun and not necessarily competition.

KCBS Interviews Robert Boland, Sports Management Professor, NYU:

The game takes users through Posey’s path to the Majors, from a backyard in Leesburg, Georgia to his eventual ascension into an All-Star Major League Baseball player. Each player gets 10 baseballs per round to hit as many home runs as possible (think of it as a virtual home run derby). Players can earn sunflower seeds to buy equipment or power-ups to improve performance.

The mobile game was available only for iOS devices. The game was free, but users could purchase extras for real money.

An Android version was in the works but was not likely to be available until next year at the earliest.

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