MIAMI (KCBS) – The Miami Dolphins cut wide receiver Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson after he was charged last week with domestic violence. Is Johnson’s NFL career over?

“I would think so,” John Madden told the KCBS morning crew. “He could have been done even before this. He was sliding down a slippery slope. He went to New England last year and never got the offense and never played much. And there was the thing in Miami. Even the head coach, Joe Philbin, said he didn’t think he would fit – that he wasn’t a good fit for them. This is a tough thing that he did, and even if someone were to sign him –which I can’t see anyone doing it – but if someone were to sign him, he’d still be suspended. So I think his career is probably ended.”

As the 49ers prepare for their second pre-season game, Demarcus Dobbs has been playing both sides of the ball and on special teams.

“They’re doing more and more of that when you get a good athlete that can run that is a lineman,” Madden said. “Instead of just saying you ‘know he’s a defensive tackle’ or ‘he’s defensive end’ or whatever, you kind of use him everywhere…I think this is the way football is going, where a guy makes your team and then in addition to the position he plays, you find other places where you can use him. And if a guy is a good athlete and can run, he’s more apt to be that guy.” (8:25)

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