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Prop. 30 Opponents Bank On Voter Outrage To Fight Gov. Brown’s Tax Plan

SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) – Opponents of Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax plan said they hope to tap voter outrage over how Sacramento has managed taxpayer money in order to seize the lead in a campaign where the governor has a clear fundraising advantage.

Brown said he would raise and spend “as much as I can get” to pass Prop 30, which temporarily raises the state sales tax by a quarter cent for four years and raise taxes on incomes over $250,000 for seven years to help close California’s budget deficit.

“Do you want to help those who are most blessed even more? Or do you want to take one or two or three percent and pump it into our schools?” Brown said.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

The Democratic governor held a news conference outside New Technology High School in Sacramento to highlight the campaign’s message that higher taxes are needed to stave off deep budget cuts, which could include shortening the school year by three weeks.

About $6 billion in cuts will be triggered automatically if voters reject the initiative in November.

Brown has already raised $8 million and his Yes on 30 allies have millions more waiting in the bank, while their opponents have taken in just $500,000.

“We acknowledge this is a David and Goliath fight,” said Joel Fox with No on 30.

Fox believes money won’t matter if the campaign taps voters’ anger over the state parks scandal, the cost of high-speed rail and stalled pension reform.

“I think we’re going to appeal to voters across the political spectrum because of their frustration with the way taxpayer dollars are being respected, or not respected, in Sacramento,” Fox said.

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