Phil Matier: Poll Finds Voters Prefer Gov.’s Prop. 30 Tax Plan Over Opposition

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— A new poll from the University of Southern California finds voters prefer Proposition 30, Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed tax increase over Prop 38, the competing measure by Molly Munger.

The poll results also indicate the governor still has a lot to do to sell the tax hikes to voters.

Phil Matier Reports:

Voters are pretty iffy about the idea of raising taxes temporarily to offset the state’s financial problems.

The governor was in San Francisco on Wednesday to promote his tax plan and said, if he doesn’t get taxes passed, he’ll have to whack school budgets by $5 billion.

That’s the old, if you don’t do this, we’re going to have to shoot the dog. It’s like this or the kids. But the interesting thing about that sales pitch is that he’s putting all that effort into is how a USC poll found that education was not a top concern for California voters and actually came in fifth. The top concerns were economy, jobs, state budget deficit and curbing wasteful government spending.

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