SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – San Francisco’s Chief of Police is about to get a significant bump in pay; one that will distinguish him as the highest paid police chief in the nation.

Come Sept. 29, Chief Greg Suhr will be earning $307,000 annually – a salary some say is excessive.

“It’s not about Chief Suhr, but over $300,000 for a police chief of a city less than a million people, that’s too much money,” suggested San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos.

It amounts to a 2% raise for Suhr, who did not actually negotiate the deal. Rather, the increase in pay is based on negotiations between The City of San Francisco and the Municipal Executives’ Association, which took place before Suhr became chief.

That contract is slated for expiration in 2015.

Avalos believes the negotiations have actually led to a number of inflated salaries for top local officials.

“It doesn’t seem right,” he said. “And I think San Franciscans would look at that and believe that that’s not something that matches San Francisco values.”

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

By comparison, Chief Suhr makes more money than Mayor Ed Lee, Gov. Jerry Brown and even Vice President Joe Biden.

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