Being a mascot is serious business. It’s not every day that someone can don their Raiders gear and rev up football fans. However, what’s interesting is that the Oakland Raiders don’t have an official mascot. Since the Bay Area was once referred to as the Barbary Coast, it is only fitting that the city known for being the Wild West’s capital of debauchery have a nameless pirate as an unofficial mascot. But this means that every Raiders fan can try their hand at being the team’s biggest supporter. Since fans can be unpredictable, a wise mascot should never go out on the field without a few contraptions under his or her sleeve. Some teams have real-life animals as mascots but for the humans who play the role, it’s important to always be prepared and ready to make it a great game. Even though Raiders mascots might not participate on the field, their role off the field is just as important. The following are the top five gadgets a Raiders mascot should never be without.

Football Fan Display

Let those fans roar. Whether they are screaming in support or upset, this is a gadget for the moment. Ross Hubbard designed the Football Fan Display so fans can pass along their comments about the players’ performance. Mascots can take track the feedback as it comes in and decide whether or not it’s worth relaying.

Digital Clipboard

Forget the old whiteboard in the locker room. This hi-tech clipboard makes e-coaching possible. Let the mascot hold on to it so a quick game strategy can be reformulated on the spot in between play times. This is lightweight and easily hidden from the competition. For those who are anything but old school, this gadget is very new school.

SportsCast Wireless Scoreboard

With this device, you’ll never have to put effort into checking a score again. This digital scoreboard delivers the most up-to-date sports scores for the obsessive fan. Complete with game-by-game statistics, this is a great device for Raiders fan to keep tabs on what’s going on throughout the league. Just because you’re tailgating, doesn’t mean you can let the game updates of other teams slide. Keeping score has never been so easy.

Virtual Distance Football

How far did that throw or kick go? Never wonder again with this smart football that measures its own distance. This gadget measures distance using a sensor to helps collect player stats with greater accuracy. Besides, an argument over who has the better arm can now be easily settled thanks to this high-tech device.

The Beer Butler

What is football without beer? A good mascot knows that beer is one of the main components of tailgating. Carrying around this beer butler will endear him or her to fans and players alike. Shaped like a soccer ball or football, it is always at the ready for when someone needs a quick quenching. Slide it on over to the parched tailgate fan and instantly become the most beloved Raiders mascot in history. Just remember that a responsible mascot makes sure that fans don’t get too carried away.

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Post Author: Rheba Estante. Rheba Estante is a freelance writer covering all things San Francisco. Her work can be found on


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