CUPERTINO (KCBS) – The city flag at Cupertino City Hall flew at half staff Friday to mark one year since Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died. Sales at the company he led for so many years are still soaring.

Apple’s stock price is up. Its profits are great, and the company is probably doing similar to how it would have done if Jobs were still here.

I’m pretty sure Steve had his fingerprints on all of Apple’s current products. I know he envisioned the iPhone 5, and clearly the iPad 3 was part of his game plan.

KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid:

Beyond that, there’s no denying Jobs legacy has had an influence over all of Silicon Valley, and really over the entire business community.

His enthusiasm and his attention to extreme detail and style were infectious. We’ve seen interviews recently with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook who talked about how he was influenced by Steve Jobs. Larry Ellison of Oracle was very good friends with Jobs and influenced by him as well.

For good or bad, Jobs set the standard for micromanagement.

I would discount recent speculation about missteps such as the Maps fiasco and whether Jobs would have released that product. During his tenure, Apple released some products and services that were frankly not so great.

For example, Jobs was very unhappy with the MobileMe service. And there were other areas where he apologized or did things that weren’t perfect.

But a year after his death from pancreatic cancer, the company he and Steve Wozniak started in a garage has shown no sign its dominance in the marketplace will end any time soon.

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