By Dennis O'Donnell

CBS 5 Sports Director Dennis O’Donnell hosts “Gameday” every Sunday night at 11:30pm on CBS 5 and offers his unique sports analysis here.


When Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera was sent packing along with his supply of steroids, I had Marty Lurie on Gameday. He thought the Giants would have to do something to compensate for losing a bat in the line-up that produced a .346 batting average, testosterone or no.

Then, a funny thing happened. The Giants started to hit and started to win. A simply unstoppable playoff machine who’s offense overcame the shortcomings of a suddenly shaky pitching staff. One small and possibly overlooked problem.

The Giants got fat off the weak sisters of the National League. The doctor gave the Giants just what they needed. A good does of the Rockies, Cubs, Padres and Astros. The combined records of the Giants opponents after losing Cabrera were 453-519. And that includes series against the Braves and Dodgers.

Through two listless games against the Reds? A .143 batting average and not a single lead in the series. And this time the pitching isn’t there to bail them out. Cain wasn’t able and Bumgarner was just that. A 6.50 ERA isn’t going to win you a lot of series.

Did the Giants over-estimate their talent? Numbers don’t lie.

See you on TV.

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