SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The World Series comes to San Francisco Wednesday and Thursday and possibly for a game or two next week as the San Francisco Giants face off against the American League Champion Detroit Tigers. This means a step-up in security for law enforcement in the city.

Of course, San Francisco Police has handled this sort of thing before — for games 1 and 2 of the 2010 World Series. KCBS talked to Police Chief Greg Suhr Tuesday about security plans.

KCBS: Does the SFPD already have a World Series procedure already in place?

Chief Suhr: Yes we do and hopefully we’ll get to use it many times going forward. Obviously we had it in 2010, but a lot of people forget we also had it in 2002. So we have strategies for north and south of the ballpark as well as all the neighborhoods. We work very closely with Major League Baseball and state and federal officials on anything regarding counter-terrorism and the like.

KCBS: Speaking of the neighborhoods, people get together with their friends, perhaps in a local pub to watch these games and might drink a little too much. Do you have a strategy to deal with that?

Chief Suhr: Sure. Number one we encourage everyone to please don’t drink and drive. We’d hate to have anyone get hurt while we’re enjoying our team winning another world championship. There are no discretionary days off for officers as we go through this campaign. Games 3, 4 and 5 are over Halloween weekend which is a big weekend here in the city. There’ll be a lot of officers out. If anybody needs a cab the officers will be happy to call. We just want everyone to have a good time responsibly. Fortunately since this is the second time in three years. I think people know what to expect.

KCBS: If there is a Game 6 that would be on Halloween. Would there be some type of mutual aid or would you call in CHP [California Highway Patrol]?

Chief Suhr: Obviously the CHP would take care of everything outside the freeways contributing to the ballpark, but we’re pretty used to this. We’re the big department in the area in that we have nearly 2,000 officers so that the greater likelihood that we would call for that assistance from ourselves even though we do have mutual aid agreements should the events exceed our capacity, which we don’t anticipate.

KCBS: We can probably assume that this plan will extend if the Giants actually win the World Series like they did in 2010 we’ll recall the celebrations in the streets after they beat the Rangers even though they weren’t even in town.

Chief Suhr: Absolutely, I guess absence made the heart grow fonder. We throw a big party in San Francisco, everybody has a good time. It’s more of a question of people not getting upset with other people celebrating in their pre-ordained space. And then of course we’ll be getting ready for the parade which is a giant endeavor, but planned as well as anybody out of the mayor’s office.


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