SAN FRANCISCO (Bleacher Report) — Marco Scutaro and Pablo Sandoval must be on a mission from the baseball gods, who appear to be on the side of the San Francisco Giants in this MLB postseason. Scutaro and Sandoval are their prophets.

We can now put Kung Fu Panda’s name in a sentence with Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and Albert Pujols after his three-homer outburst in World Series Game 1.

For his part, Scutaro collected two more hits in Game 1, thus reaffirming the notion that he’s basically the best hitter to come along since Ty Cobb.

The Giants wouldn’t be where they are without Scutaro and Sandoval. Both of them have been tremendous in the playoffs, and the Giants have benefited greatly from their production.

But in times like these, the baseball geek in all of us is compelled to ask: Which one of them is the more vital player?

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