(KCBS) – As the investigation into the mass killing of nearly two dozen children in their Connecticut elementary school progresses, Americans are left to grapple with the “why” and “how” of it all: why did it happen and how can we prevent it from happening again?

It’s human nature to try to make sense of the senseless. It’s only natural that our society is being scrutinized.

Incidentally, just a few days before the shooting tragedy, Dr. Peter Barglow, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine at the UC School of Medicine had two articles published in which he discussed the psychology and biology of mass killers.

Connecticut Elementary School Massacre:

He reasoned that mental illness, brain injury or disorder can be a cause – especially when combined with a set of “trigger” circumstances. But, he also says the right set of circumstances can cause an otherwise sane person to act insanely – particularly, in America, compared to other westernized countries like England, France and Germany.

Given the problem of violence in this country, how do we prevent the next mass shooting? The public policy debate on safety and gun control is headed for the halls of Congress.

“You have an inner-city shooting in the City of Oakland and people in Montana may not be able to relate to that,” pointed out KCBS political analyst Marc Sandalow. “You have 20 kindergartners who are slaughtered in class? That’s something that breaks hearts around the world.”

KCBS In Depth: Coming To Terms With The Tragedy In Connecticut

Dr. Barglow and Marc Sandalow talk more about this on KCBS’ In Depth.


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