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Analysis: Why Bonds’ Hall Of Fame Denial Not Outrageous

By Scott Miller, CBS Sports Senior Baseball Columnist

COOPERSTOWN, NY (CBS Sports) — Outrage?

I’ll tell you what’s an outrage: That 20 members of the Baseball Writers Association of America did not vote for Ted Williams in 1966 (out of 302 ballots). That 11 whack-jobs decided Babe Ruth was not worthy of their votes in 1936 (226 ballots). That, somehow, 36 writers bypassed Jackie Robinson in 1962 (160 ballots).

That the first strong wave of the Steroid Era washed back out to sea Wednesday without anyone establishing a beachhead on the shores of Cooperstown is not an outrage.

Barry Bonds Denied Entry To Baseball Hall Of Fame
Players Union: ‘Hard To Justify’ Ignoring Bonds For Hall Of Fame
Bonds Facing Long Climb To Future Hall Of Fame Election

It is to be applauded on many fronts (Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa). It is to be constructively criticized on others (Craig Biggio, Jack Morris, Tim Raines).

But what it is not is a disaster, or catastrophe, or the coming of the apocalypse.

READ MORE from CBS Sports on why Hall voters’ shutout is not outrageous.

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