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SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – You can’t turn on the radio, the internet, or ride the bus to work (yes, I do ride the bus to work) without hearing about  Jim Harbaugh or Colin Kaepernick. They’re joined at the hip for better or worse, (better) richer or poorer (very rich), sickness or in heath (he’s bound to pull a hammy) till death do they part. (Harbaugh will kill him if he opens up with another pick-6).

I’d like to see a raise of hands for all those who thought Kaepernick was a good idea at mid-season.  I thought so.  How about all those who thought Harbaugh was nuts?  That’s more like it.

You know who Harbaugh really is?  Think Young Frankenstein.  Think Gene Wilder.  Recall the scene where the lighting bolts are charging the monster with 10,000 volts of electricity and Dr Frankenstein screaming, “Give my creation life!” 

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Kaepernick isn’t just a quarterback, he truly is a creation; A freak possessed with tools perhaps never seen in a quarterback. Oh, sure there have been legendary quarterbacks who ran circles around opposing defenses. As a kid I despised Fran Tarkenton for what he would do to the 49ers. And there have been quarterbacks that were gun slingers – Hello John Elway. But have you ever seen the combination of speed, accuracy, and arm strength of Kaepernick? There wasn’t an adjective unused by NFL analysts everywhere that just seemed to shake their heads in awe of the 49ers new creation.

In 1987 – The NFL players walked out and the league used replacement players. The 49ers were playing the New York Giants and Bill Walsh had the audacity to call an option. Bill Parcells looked across the field at Walsh with expression of comic disbelief. Walsh smiled back and shrugged his shoulders as if to say, “What do you expect me to do?” The point of the story is that there was a time when the option simply wasn’t an option in the NFL. One of the theories why the offense was overlooked was because quarterbacks take more hits and suffer more injuries.

Now, the option is in vogue, and if you’re not running it you’re yesterday’s news. That doesn’t seem to bother Tom Brady. Of course, there will come a time when Kaepernick will have to settle into the mold of a more traditional quarterback.

But for now, enjoy the ride.  Harbaugh’s creation has life.

See you on TV.

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