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Tech Report: Inauguration Tweets Flood Twitter

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — On the day of the Presidential Inauguration, it’s no surprise to hear that social media was flooded with messages about the event. Yet Twitter took a hit during the ceremonies, with some users unable to access the site and if they were able to, service was intermittent.

It seemed like Twitter couldn’t handle the flow of users and their status blog actually said some users may be experiencing some issues. They’ll probably report what was behind the outage, but the bottom line is it was a very big day for Twitter when it comes to big events.

Although Election Night this past year was higher, there were way more than the January 2009 Inauguration. In fact, one million inauguration tweets were sent out and at its peak there were 28,000 tweets in a single minute.

Of course a lot more people are on Twitter now than back in 2009 so the interest gauge is skewed. Interestingly enough, it is my understanding that fewer people showed up this inauguration in person in Washington, but it’s obvious the interest is still there.

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