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SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – Three days before the Super Bowl I was in the CBS compound and posed one final question to a producer. “What happens in the event of a power outage?” The producer’s response was an expression of disbelief as if to say, “Did you really just ask me that question?”

Seemed like an afterthought to most on press row, but when the 49ers missed the two-point attempt, I was already typing an obituary. Does anyone else wonder how good the 49ers will be when they figure out how to play four quarters of football?

Vernon Davis said Tuesday that “this wasn’t the 49ers time.” Yes it was. So was last year. These are moments you can’t squander because dynasties are a part of a bygone era. A fumble cost last year’s chance to get to the Super Bowl and the inability to gain five yards in this one cost them the title. Frank Gore is nearing the end and the 49ers don’t have a replacement. Their 2012 draft appears mediocre and Alex won’t be around for an insurance policy anymore. Hey, I’m just sayin.’

Will the 49ers even be the best team in their division in 2013? In their three playoffs games they gave up a grand total of 89 points. Some scribe friends of mine said improvement is warranted in the secondary. But whatever happened to the pass rush?

New Orleans is second to none in hosting a Super Bowl. You can walk to anywhere and everywhere within a span of 15 minutes. I walked to the Super Bowl on Game day to take in the smell, feel the energy, and listen to the music. From the restaurants to the good ‘old Southern hospitality, this town has it dialed in. Favorite restaurant? Couton. Favorite bar? Blacksmith.

I’m happy the 49ers finally have a new stadium, but can’t help but wonder how great The City would have been to host a Super Bowl with their new digs just outside downtown. Thanks, Gavin.

Colin Kaepernick put it best when asked how long he’ll remember this defeat. “For the rest of my life.”

And now, it’s on to Pebble Beach.

See you on TV.

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