Marin County Girl’s Charity-Infused Lemonade Gets Supermarket Boost

FAIRFAX (KCBS) – A Marin County girl who started a lemonade stand in front of her Fairfax home last year, in a crusade against child slavery, is on the verge of seeing her product bottled for sale in some big name grocery stores.

“We’re talking to Whole Foods about it, we’re talking to Mollie Stone’s,” proudly declared father Eric Harr.

The drink is called “Make A Stand” Lemonade. The bottled version is due to launch in April, and net profits from all supermarket sales would be designated for charity, as is the case with the sidewalk stand.

Vivienne Harr, 9, wasn’t thinking about supermarket shelves when she set up her lemonade stand in May 2012. She set up shop, so to speak, simply to spread awareness and raise money to fight child slavery. It was a photograph of two young slave boys in Nepal, holding hands and carrying large rocks on their heads, that initially caught her attention.

“I just thought to myself it didn’t seem fair that these kids had to be working for nothing and they shouldn’t be working at all,” she summed up the impetus for her lemonade stand.

She vowed to operate her stand every day through the end of 2012. Word spread not only on a local level, but nationwide, and donations poured in – an estimated $300,000 so far.

“We’re just going to keep raising awareness until it’s abolished,” she affirmed her commitment to the cause.

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