PHOENIX, Ariz. (CBS Sports) — Early spring. Infield dirt. First couple of ground balls.


“Not really,” Oakland Athletics infielder Scott Sizemore said. “Every once in awhile I think about it, and I’m still bewildered as to how it happened.”

Few single baseball moments were as head-scratching inexplicable and personally crushing as that ground ball Sizemore crouched to field on a lazy spring morning in Oakland’s very first workout one year ago.

Sizemore, working on learning third base, moved to his right and planted. His left foot didn’t turn when required, cleats stuck in the grass.

The Athletics went on, shockingly, to win the AL West title.

Sizemore went from there to major knee surgery –- his left anterior cruciate ligament was blown –- and never saw the field again in 2012.

Teammates told him they heard the pop! from 100 feet away.

“I knew it wasn’t a good sign,” Sizemore said.

From the perspective of a lost year and a new spring, Sizemore stares ahead into what he hopes are better days.

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