SACRAMENTO (CBS) – A Sacramento woman hopes a public plea will help find the criminals who drove up and stole her puppy.

Jennifer Henderson says her dog, Freddy, was off his leash but still in her line of sight in the grass just outside her apartment when a car pulled up and Freddy disappeared.

“You think the worst. You think the worst automatically,” said Henderson.

Henderson can’t hold back tears thinking about Freddy, her 7-month-old Dachshund/Terrier mix.

“It was so fast,” she said.

Henderson said she was just inside the door of her apartment near La Rivieria Drive and Woodman Way and Freddy was outside on the lawn. She says she noticed a blue Honda pull up and the driver get out and start calling Freddy over, coaxing him to get into the car.

She said her friend, Doug, was watching as the woman put him in the backseat.

“And then he yelled ‘Hey!’ He whistled and he yelled and the driver looked up and then just jumped in the car and took off,” said Henderson.

“There’s plenty of dogs that need to be adopted. Why would you need to steal a dog?” said a neighbor.

Henderson said Doug hopped on his bicycle to chase the thief, but it was too late.

“It was unbelievable, surreal,” said Henderson.

It’s been more than two weeks since Freddy was taken and Henderson saif she’s put up flyers around the neighborhood and goes looking for that blue car every night.

“And nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing at all,” said Henderson.

She said she rescued Freddy the day after Christmas.

“He was in a shopping cart freezing. He was only five months old,” she said.

She hopes someone out there will rescue him again and bring him back home.

“My heart, my baby, he needs his mom,” she said.

Henderson said at this point, she doesn’t even care about pressing charges against the people who took Freddy. She just wants Freddy to come home.

Deputies describe the suspects as two females — one with blonde hair, the other with brown hair. They believe they were driving a royal blue four-door Honda with tinted windows.

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