OAKLAND (CBS Sports) — This is the greatest 3-point shooting tandem on a team in the history of the NBA, but they aren’t on a team that is in love with the 3-point shot.

That’s the beauty of what the Golden State Warriors do with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, and it’s part of the genius behind Mark Jackson’s plan of attack with his roster. It’s the kind of coaching that we often yearn for when we see stubborn taskmasters unsuccessfully trying to make a player fit the system, instead of seeing if the system can be tweaked to fit the personnel existing in it.

Golden State isn’t a team that shoots an unusual amount of 3-pointers. When adjusting for pace, the Warriors are 14th in the NBA in 3-point attempts per game. They’re also the team that shoots the highest percentage in the NBA with a 40.2 percent success rate, which makes them just the ninth team in league history to shoot over 40 percent for a season. The Warriors are so abundantly efficient at shooting 3-pointers because they simply don’t have guys gunning for outside shots.

They leave that up to Curry and Thompson.

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