OAKLAND (KCBS/AP)—The California Highway Patrol has renewed a deal to help Oakland’s undermanned police force by patrolling the city’s streets while the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office will not.

According to an Oakland Tribune report, the tentative agreement reached Monday calls for the CHP to increase its patrols to four days a week. Previously CHP officers were in the city two days a week.

The added policing would offset the loss of the weekend patrols performed by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Those patrols ended Saturday when the sheriff and city officials couldn’t come to terms on an extension.

The sheriff’s office pulled its deputies due to a lack of funds and a dispute over workman’s comp issues.

“The sheriff kind of felt the costs were a lot greater than they had intended,” Oakland City Councilman and Chair of the Public Safety Committee, Noel Gallo said.

There were efforts to continue the partnership, but in the end city leaders decided to take a different course.

“They reached out to the California Highway Patrol and they agreed to pick up two additional days of patrolling Oakland,” Gallo said.

The CHP agreed last November to provide officers to help police some of Oakland’s most dangerous city streets.

The contract with the CHP, which ends on this Friday, will be extended for another 90 days.

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