SUNNYVALE (CBS SF) – Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was forced to endure some bizarre comments and questions while presiding over her first shareholder meeting Tuesday.

Mayer has been CEO of Yahoo for nearly a year, and has had to endure more than her share of personal questions following the birth of her child and her change in telecommute policies at the Sunnyvale company.

During the meeting, Mayer tried to steer the conversation to the Flicker photo sharing app, but some of her shareholders had other ideas. The Wisconsin native was asked about her rooting interests in the 49ers-Packers matchup to start the NFL season.

“The great dilemmas of our time,” she joked. “Go Packers.”

Then things got much worse.

“I have 2000 shares, I’m Greek, and I’m a dirty old man, and you look Attractive,” said one man in the crowd.

Meyer ignored the yahoo, but the incident was an awkward encounter for the head of a Fortune 500 company to endure.

Overall, the view of Yahoo has risen along with the stock since the 38-year-old took over. The share price is up nearly 60 percent during her tenure, and the company has made several notable acquisitions.

“It’s just too early to say she has suddenly saved Yahoo,” says CNET Edtior Brian Cooley. “Certainly she has done things for Yahoo that are almost as much as you could expect in one year’s time, and that’s a pretty good report card.”

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