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Central Coast Divers Narrowly Miss Being Swallowed By Whales

MORRO BAY (CBS SF) – A group of divers off of Morro Bay narrowly missed getting swallowed up by some feeding Humpback whales on a recent swim.

In the video, taken from the dive boat, you can see a large school of sardines in water surrounding the men. The whales where hundreds of yards away when the divers entered the water, but then the fish around them started to squirm.

“It rerally didn’t register that boiling fish means there is a predator coming,” diver Jeremy Bonnet said. “Not two seconds later, two huge whales come up.”

Luckily, no one in this encounter got hurt. But Stamback gives a warning to divers, saying if you see a whale, don’t get into their way while they are feeding.

“It was like two mountains just erupted out of the water in front of me,” recalled Stamback.

The friends had traveled the world taking on undersea adventures, but this most memorable experience took place just two and a half miles off the shore of their home.

The video has quickly become viral on YouTube, with more than a million hits since it was posted on Saturday.

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