SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Thursday marked the day that the controversial “morning after” pill was supposed to come out from behind the counter at pharmacies and drug stores nationwide and be sold front and center.

But a quick look at some chain stores in San Francisco, like Safeway, CVS and Walgreens, shows that some haven’t started the process yet.

“So we’re looking for the pregnancy test and there’s Plan B One-Step,” said KCBS reporter Holly Quan as she perused a local store. “Please ask for assistant. I think this is because it’s $49.99 and they don’t want people stealing it.”

And an employee confirmed those suspicions. “If we put it out, people might steal it. That’s why we have to put it in the office,” said the assistant. “They could just ask anybody for it.”

She said so far, only one person has asked for Plan B One-Step, which is fine unless you’re uncomfortable.

“Everyone’s very different. Some people will not mind asking for it,” said Adrienne Verelli with Planned Parenthood Shasta-Diablo. “I think we’ve made great strides in moving the condoms away from the pharmacists and making sure it’s in an aisle.”

The decision to make Plan B One-Step available came after a string of legal defeats. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently granted exclusive marketing rights for the next three years to Teva Pharmaceuticals, meaning it is the only company able to sell the drug over-the-counter without age restrictions.

Verelli said another option – Plan B One-Step is available for free at Planned Parenthood clinics, but an appointment is needed.

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