SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Facebook is phasing in a new feature that it says will give users more control over their news feeds called “Unfollow”.

It supposedly gives users more control over their news feeds. I have thousands of Facebook friends. Some of them go back to the days where you actually had to be their Facebook friend in order to communicate with them on the site and see their content in your feed.

I’m in the public eye so I pretty much ‘friended’ everyone. But now, I’m inundated with content in my news feed from people I practically don’t know. It’s not that I don’t care about them, but my really close friends get drowned out by people I don’t know.

Now I can unfollow them, but we’re still Facebook friends. They’ll still see my content, but they’ll have no idea that I’ve unfollowed them. For a number of people, Facebook has become a sea of information, but they just can’t get the details that they want.

Hopefully by unfollowing people that you are less interested in, you can pay more attention to the people that you really want to hear from.

If someone is really harassing you on Facebook, you can always “block” them. That means you will never see any existence from them on the site. That’s reserved for anyone that’s really giving you a hard time.

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