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Stanford University Receives Huge Grant To Study Cancer Cells

STANFORD (KCBS) — Cancer research at Stanford University received a major boost in the form of a multi-million dollar grant that will be used to study the recurrence of the disease.

The $90 million grant is coming from the Ludwig Fund, a New York City-based group that is giving a total of $540 million to six institutions.

“This new infusion of money will enable us to move forward into a second and third round of research in clinical trials,” Dr. Irving Weissman, the director of Stanford’s Ludwig Center, told the San Jose Mercury News.

Despite billions of dollars dedicated to cancer research, the death rate has declined only minimally since 1971 when President Nixon declared a “war on cancer.”

Many scientists think one of the reasons could be cancer “stem cells” which drive some cancers and can remain in a patient’s body even after chemotherapy or other treatments.

The Ludwig Fund is giving a total of $540 million to six institutions with the goal of keeping these cancer studies going without having to depend on government support.


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