With the Bay Area job market enjoying a five-year high, demand for business executives, particularly in high-tech and the health care industry, is also expected to rise. While a career in business management will remain a strong option, vying for the top paid jobs will be fiercely competitive. Jill Irwin, a successful South Bay entrepreneur who led her consulting firm for 16 years, offers career advice for individuals seeking to gain a competitive edge in business management positions, particularly in the health care field.

(Photo Courtesy of Jill Irwin)

(Photo Courtesy of Jill Irwin)

What is your current position and level of education?

“I am currently semi-retired and supporting the president of Irwin & Associates, Inc. I founded the company and served as its past president. I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University and a M.S. in Engineering with a concentration in Engineering Management from San Jose State University.”

What advice can you offer to people interested in entering a career in business management or in the health care industry?

“I would strongly recommend an internship in a health care or medical device company. There are so many different opportunities; an internship can help one discover what specific area they would like to pursue. For example, in the medical device field, one can work in project management, marketing, research and development, quality, regulatory, clinical, technical documentation or manufacturing. While the disciplines have some cross-functionality, it’s a great idea to determine what one likes best and then focus on being an expert in that area.”

Do you foresee continued demand in jobs in your industry?

“Absolutely!! The medical device world is continuing to flourish as the baby boomer generation ages and demands more from medical technology.”

Randy Yagi is a freelance writer covering all things San Francisco. In 2012, he was awarded a Media Fellowship from Stanford University. His work can be found on Examiner.com Examiner.com.


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