SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Many PG&E customers are experiencing sticker shock this month as they open their latest gas bill that reflects last month’s record-setting cold snap.

While the Bay Area is currently experiencing unseasonably warm weather this month, last December was the opposite as temperatures plunged below freezing on some days prompting people to crank up their heaters.

“Most of the customers do seem to understand that it was an extremely cold snap that we endured last month and for customers who call in with concerns about their bill; we have a number of ways that we can work with them,” PG&E spokesman Jason King told KCBS.

King said he urged customers to search for energy savings, including weather striping windows or installing insulation.

“We also offer a balanced payment plan that way customers don’t see these peaks in their bills; they can expect what they are going to pay each month and their bill is leveled out over the course of the year,” he said.

Customers not on a balanced plan can expect a 20 percent increase in their new gas bill.


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