Lack Of Rainfall A Life And Death Matter For Wildlife Creeping Into Backyards

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(Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

(Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

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MOSS LANDING (KCBS)— The state-wide drought is not just impacting humans; wildlife Emergency Services in Moss Landing says they’re getting some out of the ordinary phone calls about wild animals venturing into urban areas in a desperate search for food and water.

Rebecca Dmytryk with Wildlife Emergency Services said residents are calling about lawns being dug up and vegetation destroyed. According to her, the animals are attracted to our man-made lawns.

“They’re drawn to our artificial environments and habitats we create with our green lawns and the watered flowerbeds gardens, etc,” said Dmytryk.

Raccoons, skunks and opossums, are the most likely culprits, but there are reports of deer venturing into urban areas; something usually seen in the fall, during the dry time of the year.

Dmytryk advises home owners to have a little drought tolerance.

“We’re all going through it. For us humans it might mean a little hardship here and there, maybe something costs a little bit more, but for these animals, it means their lives,” she said.

However, she did not recommend that homeowners put out food or water for wild animals, which could further disrupt the balance of nature and attract more critters into yards.

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