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Larry Magid: Companies Set Sights On Competing With Google Glass

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A man tries out Google Glass.

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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Apparently the competition thinks the idea of Google Glass is a pretty good one. A number of companies are reportedly working on their own ‘smart glasses’ ideas.

Samsung may be announcing their Google Glass competitor at the IFA 2014 technology conference and trade show in Berlin. That’s in September and I’ll probably be there.

I know that Epson showed off their version called the Moverio at CES this past year. Sony is rumored to be working on one too and has some preliminary products out. Surprisingly though, Apple has been pretty quiet in this area, but there have been plenty of rumors about a wrist watch.

Usability and price will set these products apart from one another in the end. For instance, Epson’s version will be $700, which is substantially less expensive than the pioneering version of Google Glass (Google said it will lower the price when commercially available).

Ideally these products should be practical and would work and be compatible with an Android, iPhone or whatever kind of smartphone you have.

I certainly think Google Glass has an advantage here simply because there’s been so much hype about it, but I also think it’s early enough in the game that if someone came out with something better, it’s not too late for someone else to win this race.

Right now Google’s product seems pretty geeky whereas Apple tends to be consumer friendly with their products. I think with something like “smart-glasses”, you really have to be consumer friendly.

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