(KPIX 5) — The woman who said she was attacked in a San Francisco bar for wearing Google Glass has a restraining order against her for an incident two years ago where she admitted to secretly pointing her smartphone at her neighbors’ open window and recording their conversation.

Social media consultant Sarah Slocum had the restraining order filed against her May 16, 2012 and granted in August 2012, according to court documents.

Slocum’s former neighbor, Jessie Lilley Campbell, told KPIX 5 she was going public with her run-in with Slocum “because I wanted people to know that Sarah Slocum is no victim.”

Campbell said she was with her husband and landlord in their Aptos living room when she caught Slocum recording their conversation through an open window with her cellphone.

Campbell said she and her husband have since relocated to another town in Santa Cruz County, but don’t want the location made public because, “we moved away to get away from her.” She noted the restraining order against Slocum is still in effect.

Slocum told KPIX 5 that the restraining order is true, and that it involved a previous “altercation with some hippy biker people” living on her same property.

“It was a spat with neighbors,” Slocum said. “That lady also recorded her husband [with her cellphone] chasing a friend of mine with an axe.”

Slocum insisted that the recording she made was from a place that was legal. “I walked by their place on the way to my cabin, their window was open and I could hear them from the driveway, I heard them talking about me and conspiring against me so i started recording to capture what they were saying so that I could show it to my friends and family,” she said.

“David Campbell, Jesse Campbell’s man had previously pulled a big knife on me so I was likewise doing it to protect myself. David is some crazy old biker dude and Jesse is his crazy broad.”

Campbell said she and her husband have since relocated to another town in Santa Cruz County, but don’t want the location made public because, “we moved away to get away from [Slocum].”

Slocum gained Internet notoriety after she said she was attacked at Molotov’s, a bar in San Francisco’s Lower Haight.

San Francisco has seen a number of protests over the effects of tech companies and workers on neighborhoods, with Google among those being singled out.

Video of the confrontation showed Slocum getting the middle finger by one patron who later tells her, “You’re killing the city.” Other witnesses have disputed Slocum’s version of the events at Molotov’s.

The incident  spurred a social media backlash against Slocum and prompted online debate over the privacy implications of Google Glass. Days earlier, Google had issued guidelines for Glass wearers to address etiquette issues.

Other establishments in San Francisco began banning Google Glass after the incident, while Slocum attempted to parlay her notoriety by suggesting Google sponsor her trip to the SXSW conference so she could “formally continue to help educate the public” about the device.

On the other hand, the bar at the Stanford Court Hotel in San Francisco recently began offering a free drink to anyone wearing Google Glass.

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