Oakland Protesters Accuse McDonald’s Of Systematically Stealing Workers’ Pay

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OAKLAND (KCBS) — Protesters briefly took over a McDonald’s restaurant in Oakland Tuesday as part of a nationwide protest with workers and their supporters accusing the fast-food giant of wage theft.  

50 to 60 protesters chanted, “Si se puede” at the McDonald’s restaurant on East 12th Street and 25th Avenue in Oakland.

Matthew Murray, an attorney who represents McDonald’s workers in California, filed a class-action lawsuit last week and said the company was not paying its workers for all the hours that they work.

Murray said employees aren’t being paid for overtime hours worked and aren’t being given meal and rest breaks. This comes months after worker protests over a number of issues.

“Workers have been for a while, stepping up and asserting their rights and demanding better pay and to be treated better,” Murray said.

One protester Ilda Amador works at a different fast-food chain, but said she came to show support.

“I understand what they’re going through. It’s hard enough that they’re only getting paid $8.75 and they’re not giving us overtime that we’ve worked,” she said.

McDonald’s emailed a statement to KCBS that said the company is looking into the claims. Similar suits were also filed in New York and Michigan.

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