Drivers Blame Apple’s Cupertino Spaceship Campus Construction For Bad Traffic

CUPERTINO (KCBS)— Construction on Apple’s Spaceship campus is about to lift off into its second phase, but area motorists say it’s resulting in traffic gridlock.

Drivers have been battling changing lane closures and police who direct traffic in fluid conditions. A section of Pruneridge Avenue will eventually be closed permanently. Many drivers like Brian (who declined to give his last name) have had it.

“There are lane closures, detours, there’s places you can’t make turns now; it kind of changes from day to day,” he said.

As frustrating as that’s been, it’s only the beginning. Many blame worsening traffic conditions on the campus’ construction, but it hasn’t even opened yet. Others have noted that once it actually does open— 20,000 Apple employees will be coming and going on weekdays and on weekends.

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