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(KPIX 5) — If you were an NFL general manager, would you sign DeSean Jackson?  If your answer was no, you would never make it as a league executive, especially in Washington D.C., where the Redskins will be massaging Jackson’s ego for the next three seasons.

There were no less than nine teams in pursuit of the former Eagles receiver, the 49ers and Raiders are were them. And they all represent a stark reminder that professional sports have less to do with character than they have to do with winning.

The 49ers might be one receiver away from winning a Super Bowl. Was DeSean Jackson that man? The 49ers joined the party too late. They reportedly called the L.A. Police Department to check on Jackson’s alleged connection to the Crips gang.  The Raiders did the same.

DeSean Jackson is coming off his best year in the NFL with 82 receptions, 1, 332 yards and nine touchdowns, and he’s just 27 years old.  Yet, despite his career year, his employers tried to trade him to anyone and every who would pick up the phone. No one did.

Jackson’s attitude baggage goes back to his days at Cal. In Philadelphia, he reportedly missed meetings, had a bad work ethic, and didn’t see eye-to-eye with Eagles coach Chip Kelly. Let me say that name again: Chip Kelly. But are these truly fireable offenses? The guy’s got a chip on his shoulder the size of the El Capitain. So what?

Barry Bonds had that chip. So did Charles Haley when the 49ers were winning Super Bowls. Look folks, there is no such thing as Camelot in a pro locker room. You really think you’re going to find 53 guys with good attitudes, work ethics, and  all-American boys who go to Bible school after practice?

If someone can show me a selfie with DeSean Jackson and Shrimp Boy, I’d say “time out.” But if the bad attitude rap is all the Eagles have to bring to the table, then I’m all in on DeSean Jackson. You have to give me more dirt than a bad ‘tude to turn down  game-breaking receiver.

I’m sure all the Redskins fans are thanking “Chip” tonight.

I’m Dennis O’Donnell, and I’ll see you on TV.


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