By Brandon Mercer

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The “Heartbleed” Internet security breach is so pervasive and so ingrained in the World Wide Web’s commerce sites over the past two years that every password you use could be compromised.

There are some quick and easy tricks to making a secure and easy to remember password, and the recommendation is after “Heartbleed,” it’s best to change EVERY password you used.

HEARTBLEED BREACH: Every Password Could Be Compromised

CHECK TO SEE IF A WEBSITE WAS OR IS VULNERABLE: Enter the URL when this link opens

The trick is to use symbols and numbers, but don’t do it randomly. Use words you can remember, but replace the letters with numbers.

Oakland could become 0@k1and. Replace the “O” with a zero, the “a” with an “@,” etc. This way, you still remember a simple word, but it’s much harder to hack.

Some people refer to this as “Leetspeak” — a system of replacing letters with very similar ASCII numbers and symbols.  Imagine the symbols and numbers as shapes, not anything more, and it becomes easy.

PRIMER ON LEET: How to \/\/R1t3 easily in code

If your password was your maiden name of SMITH, use $m!t[-].

Try a few more and it gets easier, and your passwords will be more secure.


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