No Degree? No Problem – Job Seekers Without Diplomas Find Abundance Of Tech Careers

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SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — High-tech may be the hottest industry in the Bay Area, but it turns out that job-seekers may not need a college degree to get some of those jobs.

Emerge Digital Group, a multi-million dollar online ad firm is just one of the companies hiring employees without diplomas.

“I don’t really look at the college degree. Most of it is if I have a connection with them, whether I feel like they are confident,” said Emerge President Alex Rowland.

Rowland himself is one of those tech employees without a degree, and he’s not alone. Nationally, almost half of all high tech workers never graduated college.

“I’ve met plenty of people who have college degrees who have great college degrees who I’d never hire. I’ve met more people who have no college degree who I would hire,” he said.

The national average salary for tech workers without degrees is about $53,000.



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