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(KCBS)— KCBS Entertainment Editor Jan Wahl reviews “The German Doctor,” based on the true-life story of an infamous doctor for the Nazis, who goes into hiding in South America following the fall of the Third Reich.




Gregory Peck potrayed him in “The Boys from Brazil” as did Daniel Del Ponte in “Schindler’s List;” but this time around, we get a little known story about Auschwitz’s Angel of Death Josef Mengele’s lost months in Argentina. Mengele was a high-ranking member of the Third Reich who got away even though everyone was looking for him. He was called the “geneticist of the Master Race” and performed horrendous human experiments that still give us nightmares. This movie is an educated speculation about Mengele while he lived in Patagonia with a family who were unaware of his true identity. The mother and daughter believe in him and his ability to make the daughter taller and stronger.

Director and Writer Lucia Puenzo filmed on location, creating an engrossing story told in German and Spanish. The intriguing narrative is made more so by the quietly evil performance by Alex Brendemuhl. The film illuminates the Nazi expat community in South America and makes realize that sometimes, as in this case, the bad guys win.



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