California: Not Exactly The Golden State For Those In Their Golden Years

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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — So just where is the best place for Americans to retire? Florida? California? Hawaii? No, it turns out that South Dakota is the best place to live out those golden years, according to a new survey that takes taxes, climate, crime rates, health care and cost of living into account.

Bankrate, a personal consumer finance company has ranked the best states to retire on their website. The Dakota’s—both North and South are in the number one and four position respectively with Colorado, Wyoming and Utah rounding out the top five.

California: Not Exactly The Golden State For Those In Their Golden Years

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California ranked 28th overall mainly because it’s so costly to live here. However, the Golden State scored well on weather and well-being.

Other factors that the survey measured in their findings included how happy people were and how satisfied they are in their retired lives.

Bankrate researcher Chris Kahn said he was surprised at some of the results and at how places like Arizona and Florida did not even crack the top 10.

Among the worst places for retirees according to the list were New York, West Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas and believe it or not, Hawaii.

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