SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Amazon is linking up with Twitter to make online shopping even easier with a new service that may prey upon your impulsive purchasing habits.

The idea, announced on Monday, lets Twitter users shop by replying to a tweet with an Amazon product link. By using the hashtag, #AmazonCart, the item is then added to your Amazon shopping cart.

Apparently there’s no money going back and forth, but it is another example of one of the many ways that Twitter is getting into commercialism.

One of the big mysteries when the micro-blogging site first started was how they would monetize their company and this is a clear step in that direction.

Amazon is already incredibly convenient so this might be considered a gimmick by many, but it does add another dimension to online shopping.

The idea of instantly converting interest in a product into a purchase is a very good thing for the advertiser. The web is all about how to turn those impulsive clicks into actual purchases. This could lead to future partnerships with Twitter and auto companies and other types of products.


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