SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The NFL’s three-day draft extravaganza ended late Saturday with good TV ratings. “I thought it was the best job they’ve ever done,” John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew.

“Three days I thought was too long, but they played it real well. I thought having it so late (in the off-season) was a mistake, but the ratings were the highest ratings they’ve ever had.”

What was one of the most-watched moments? “It’s when the Dallas Cowboys were on the clock,” Madden said. “There was a little Johnny Manziel (drama) in there. I mean there was the story that he may be going to Dallas, and would Jerry Jones take Johnny Manziel. And they were showing the war room, and there’s Jerry and Stephen and Charlotte and the whole Jones family, and they kind of talked over it like they were talking about Johnny Manziel. But when they did a cutaway to Johnny Manziel you saw that he still had a frown on his face so you know that wasn’t it.”

Madden said several other stories within the draft made for a good show. “There was a time obviously when they didn’t even cover it on television,” Madden said. “Now it flows pretty well. Everyone is covered, everything is covered. They have someone camping out everywhere. Reality TV has gotten so big today, and this is the ultimate reality TV. And it’s great.”

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