OAKLAND (CBS SF) – It looks like it’s going to take more than 24 hours for New York Knicks fans to get over their rumored savior, coach Steve Kerr, opting to sign on with the Warriors instead.

Since news of the guard turned TV analyst joining the Warriors broke Wednesday, New York fans have reacted the same way they always react when someone picks the Bay Area over New York – with mouth-agape shock followed by public derision.

Things were even less civil on Kerr’s Wikipedia page, where the name on his bio was changed to “Dumb Butt McGee.”

Predictably, Keith Olberman used the signing to slam both organizations:

Many others said the decision was obvious, the Warriors have a young team loaded with talent. The Kincks job offers one of the best coaches of all time sitting right behind you wondering why you aren’t winning more. ESPN’s Mike Greenberg summed up the draw of the Knicks job nicely:



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